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The politics consequences facing qatar

Foreign Policy

Qatars decision to choose into a working policy after 2011 has seriously destroyed its status being a mediator. Regional doubts shortly spread over Dohas actions.

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The constant rumors of Qatari participation in the Islamist takeover of northern Mali this year have proved to be skeptical. A military percussion was overthrown in Drive 2012 by Malis government, after which the rebels grabbed northern Mali and reported an independent point out. The rebels were in the Tuareg cultural group and lots of fought for Gaddafi inside the Libyan armed forces in 2011. The rebels, whom launched the MNLA, received strength in addition to late 03 took over three largest urban centers in north Mali. However , splits between the National Liberation Movement of Azawad plus the Armed Islamic Group Ansar al-Din vulnerable the insurgency and resulted in the loss of control over the region to supporters of religion and other fundamentalist organization, the Unity and Jihad Movement in West Africa. While using deterioration of the situation in northern Mali throughout 2012, attention has started to focus on the actions of a little team with the Qatari Reddish colored Crescent.

Their activities were not apparent. One part of the team indicated that they had basically gone to Gao city in rebel-held area to assess the humanitarian requirements of the location in terms of usage of water and electricity. 59 The Qatar Red New-moon was the simply humanitarian firm granted by Islamist separatists access to the north, and doubts about the groups work were soon met with greater matter about Qatars policy of supporting armed Islamic groups in Libya and Syria. The most persistent and persistent criticism of the express of Qatar came in northern Mali from Algeria, in whose relations with Qatar have got deteriorated dramatically since 2011, and Portugal, where the departure of Nicolas Sarkozy by power all of a sudden cooled in relations under the leadership of his successor, François Hollande. One of the France allegations signifies that the Qatari Special Causes are training the rebels associated with the Deen supporters, remembering their role in strengthening the Abdelhakim Belhadj Brigades in Tripoli. These details was said to have originated in a report given by the French Directorate of Military Cleverness, although no supporting facts was supplied.

The assumption that Qatar was associated with the Deen supporters was widespread. In an article in the CNN Global Public Rectangular published by simply Fareed Zakaria in August 2012, Debtors maintained Qatar are believed to be debtors without entering further particulars. 61 following the launch of French-led armed forces operations against Islamist insurgents in Qatar. In north Mali in January 2013, and then bombarded the leader in the ruling Socialist Party in France, Harlem Desire, Qatar a form of indulgence, adding: There is certainly an uncooperative attitude and can be considered a sort of tolerance on the terrorist groups that filled northern Mali. This position originating from Qatar is usually not normal. We need clarification of the policy of Qatar, which has often denied virtually any role in financing terrorist groups. At the diplomatic level, Qatar must adopt a stronger and stronger stance towards these groups that threaten the security of the Sahel.

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