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The Marketing Aspect Essay

The Marketing Feature is said to be the lifeblood of most feasibility research. It constitutes a big impact on the study as it serves as the foundation for the proponents to have a clear photo whether to pursue the company or certainly not. It will identify the factors to be deemed in developing and coming up with the business and also the financial basis through the forecasted demand. This kind of chapter looks for to determine the options and hazards, the target marketplace, the total demand and supply in the product, your competition and the marketing program which refers to the product, cost, place and promotional strategies.

Objectives of the Marketing Feature: Industry Analysis The market analysis is affected by the ability and threat analysis, environmental analysis which will consists of the demographic environment, natural environment, scientific environment, and political environment. Opportunity and Threat Analysis In building a business, a few factors which might affect the business activities that cannot be prevented or avoided. Opportunities Opportunities refer to which can be expected to function favorably towards the company functions. a. The primary material can be abundant within the Philippines. * The primary raw materials, which is Camias, can be found and bought just about everywhere.

It expands abundantly in the Philippines, thus, making it available for production. w. Low cost of raw materials. 2. Consumers are accustomed to bleaches that are chemically-based. It will probably be news to them to find bleach created from Camias available in the market and may cause them to become try the merchandise. Threats 2. Competition with other products which can be longer available in the market may be tough. d. The hostile economy of the nation can affect people’s income. 2. Our country’s unstable economical standing could affect people’s cash flow which may lead them to buy products for affordable.

Environmental Analysis Creating a business is not easy. There are certain factors which can affect and are would have to be considered in establishing a small business. Environmental Evaluation comprises of 5 forces in the External Environment namely: the Demographic, Monetary, Natural, Technical and Politics Environment.

Demographic Environment The chosen target market, North Bay Boulevard South, Navotas, includes a total property area of 254 sq . m. of the total land part of Metro Manila. This is one of many fourteen (14) barangays in Navotas. North Bay Chaussee South has a population density of 267, a total human population of 67, 730. Individuals aging via 5 9 rule the city and many of the people living you will discover male. Economy According to BPLO, last 2009, Navotas City has an economic growth from five per cent to 10%.

Out of the 100% of it is economy, 10% of their economy are of high salary while, twenty percent of them are of average salary, and 70% or vast majority are of low salary. There will be a benefit in the product because according to percentage above, 70 percent are of low income. At the same time, the product is to be bought at reasonable selling price that is why; people who have low profits can buy that. Natural Environment Since the product is created from Camias fresh fruit, which is readily available in our region, it is a warm fruit that are made all year round. Most of Camias woods are available in regional areas nevertheless there are some trees and shrubs that are also available here in Local area Manila.

Camias trees happen to be bearing tiny piles (tumbok) that can also be bought in the wet market. There will be no longer shortage for the supply of Camias. However , due to the change in the next thunderstorm condition throughout the Thailand, there will be an effect on the supply of Camias available in the market and its development process will probably be lessen.

Scientific Environment The use of technology in a business venture is an excellent help particularly in the manufacturing business because it the actual production process of a certain product easier and faster. The utilization of technology should be used since the system is bleach. Politics Environment There are many documents which might be needed to be registered in placing a business enterprise. These paperwork are to make certain that the business venture will follow rules and regulations enforced by the law.

Processing these papers can be frustrating, but in the final it will be advantageous since the business itself features complied with the requirements with the government and there will be lesser possibility of legal problems in the industry establishment. Types of the activities under the political environment include: the filing of business grant, and filing and/or having to pay taxes to the B. My spouse and i. R.

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