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Luxury Car Marketing Essay

Luxurious cars are a very small area of the pie inside the total Indian automobile market segments. However , they are a potent tool for a motor vehicle company to have in its toolbox. When efficiently deployed by focused setting, winning tactics aimed at the best target, they have the ability to develop “super-normal” contribution margins and wealth intended for the company.

Centered by Mercedes Benz till a major portion of the early 2000s, the luxury car market began picking up energy fueled by many people growth elements. More and more luxury segment autos are available in the Indian market today as well as the competition is ever growing to seize the biggest item of the dessert as early as possible. This paper is an attempt in studying yesteryear and present trends and strategies in luxury car marketing and focusing on how these styles will morph themselves in the foreseeable future. It is aimed at developing strategies and big solution ideas that will help any vehicle player present or aiming to be within this profitable segment as the leader of the pack certainly.

The conventional paper, in principal attempts to deal with some of these concerns: •Volumes in luxury car segments will be wishful pondering – fact or fantasy? •What can be luxury and who specifies luxury – is it a commandment or can the guidelines of the game be changed, bend and broken? •Wealth = Amounts X Contribution Margin – can high-class car makers bake their dessert and eat it too? To achieve this we follow a strategy which is targeted on a market and situational evaluation with prime focus on •Data, numbers and inferences.

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