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The great depression of rodents and guys essay

The Great Depression was a time of hardship for everyone especially hacienda workers. It prevented persons from living the life they desired. A large number of people occupied poverty transitioning between careers. Eventually people, like Lennie and George, began trying to find jobs in Washington dc, in fact “thousands flocked to California. Everyone was in search of jobs as migrant workers to get fruit and vegetable fields. When there was clearly an opening for one man, there would be at least ten guys competing because of it. They were ready to work for extremely low income, even exclusively for food.

So that it was very important to George and Lennie to hold their work in order to gain the money in order to save up for their very own farm. This sort of a condition where men are trapped and they are in terrible economic circumstances helps to make an psychological climate in which people usually do not rely on others. It is also the main reason Lennie and George’s friendship is so exclusive, something that attacks everyone that they can meet.

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In a time where so few provides are honored because of the wish for something better and something that feeds do it yourself interest, Lennie and George demonstrate a bond that is very rare, this kind of almost makes everyone shady because so very few could travel with company. Africa Americans, Natives, Mexican Americans and women had been bitterly discriminated and the most challenging hit during the Great Depression. They were looked at as the groups that can take careers away from white colored men. Thieves represents this factor as he himself was obviously a black American who was margined from the rest of the ranch personnel because previously discrimination against black persons wasn’t eliminated yet which means they were segregated from the white colored people which meant they will couldn’t locate work.

They were treated incredibly poorly and were regarded as one level up from animals., The fact that Curley’s partner is able to spit so much of venom by Crooks and Candy in chapter several is associated with the fact that both males especially crooks who was best than the majority of his kind needed the effort offered by the ranch and couldn’t speak against her, as she is right for the reason that a word to Curley will certainly force these people back to lack of employment, at best. (ADD QUOTE) The truly great Depression as well changed the family in many ways. A large number of couples delayed getting married, and divorce prices and beginning rates fallen. Some men also left behind their families. A 1940 election revealed that 1 . 5 mil married ladies had been forgotten by their partners. We see that most of the time Curley and his partner who have recently been married find it difficult to be with each other, hardly seeing each other. Curley’s wife is definitely frustrated by this and should go and attempts attention through the other ranch workers causing Curley for being jelous. Besides her partner’s jealously, Curley’s wife’s interpersonal status also restricts her freedom.

Inside the 1930’s, throughout the Great Depression, the social position of women was quite low. Males did not consider women critically and the big part of women was to cook, clean, and raise the children. Curley’s wife is a best example of just how women were viewed in the early twentieth century. She was remedied like home to Curley and was not given a name staying referred to just as ‘Curley’s wife’. In conclusion, with women having this kind of low sociable status through the Great depression Steinbeck’s uses this as a primary aspect in Curley’s wife’s character to show all of us how the great depression can cause a person to get emotionally unpredictable. ( PUT QUOTE) Steinbeck uses sacrifices in the novella to show how the great depression offered no hope for America’s citizens; The fact that George made the decision to capture Lennie throughout the Great Depression was symbolic as it was among the many examples of people trying to safeguard the people they will cared regarding from the effects of the Depression.

George firing Lennie was similar to Candy deciding to put his aged dog straight down, or Slender drowning the puppies. Most of these decisions were meant to preserve them by a a whole lot worse fate. In the event that Candy had not had your canine put down, or Slim had not drowned the puppies, they will most likely might have suffered until they sooner or later passed away. George makes the decision to end Lennie’s life just before he needs to suffer an unhappy death by simply Curley’s hands. The fact that Lennie is usually talking about all their American Fantasy is more symbolic, since it would not be come to, just like various people’s American Dream’s throughout the Depression.

We are able to clearly see that although the personas may show up different they, like every additional person in American is going through the same,. It is only as a result of Great Depression and the problems induced within that that everyone, despite differences in background and knowledge, feels precisely the same pressure bearing down on all of them. Steinbeck might have decided to have a circular plan to show that no group has an closing, in a way the plot is much like a representation to show the dead end existence from the Great Depression which has been a time of misery, simply no hope and great sacrifices¦


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