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The foreseeable future me ways to get there

My Future

This sort of questions is what I was requesting myself a couple of times for the past many years of my life from the time I discover responsibility and adulthood. You need to know that my answer varies from time to time, due to a lot of elements, such as confusions, fears, requires, responsibility, my weaknesses, my strengths and more. All of this leads me to what I think the more accurate query to ask me, what do I really want to be in the future?

You will discover four issues that I want to become or have in the future. Initial, I want to get a Billionaire. Money is what I do think the most powerful weapon the of humanity. Money can buy issues, it can make points and certainly, it can destroy things likewise. Money is actually everyone has to survive from this current period. But , cash is not as bad while everyone might believe. It can be used in sharing, supplying and conveying love. The truth is there are many amazing things cash can give to the people, if obviously used appropriately. Why Billionaire? You might ask, because of a straightforward logic I possess as a teenager ager, the greater money you may have, the more things can afford to talk about. How to get there is certainly what bothers me. Presently, I think of making my own firm, investing in stocks and shares and buying and selling of properties.

Second, I have to become the finest husband that I can to get my other half. I think on this stuff mainly because being by itself and not feel loved even if you reach the dreams is definitely sad. How to become one is the question to ask. Inside my own personal thought, the best hubby is a individual who loves genuinely, a provider, funny, brave and selfless. This points comes naturally if you need to become a great person. Third, I want to end up being the best daddy to everyone I face. By this Come on, man is I wish to give back towards the world, support more and teach everyone the things i know and influence these to reach their dreams. The catch in achieving this kind of dream is usually to become the, you cannot achieve this dream without achieving the initial two. I also imagine this as a result of legacy I want to left globe when I simply cannot do nothing any more or pass away. And just like my second fantasy, this comes naturally if you are a great person. Last but not least, my last dream should be to become a good person in the face of the world and front of God. I do think of this is because when we grow old there’s nothing still left for us to accomplish but die. So my dream can be when I i am lying in the death bed I was satisfied of what We’ve become and ready to face my personal God. And achieve this previous dream of my very own, is first I want to achieve the dreams I possess before this kind of with the exception of to become billionaire.

All in all, my personal dreams are becoming a billionaire, the best spouse I can become, the best dad I can turn into for everyone and a good and satisfied person. This dreams of mine can be hard to achieve nevertheless I will check it out.

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