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The Application of Two Personality Theories to the life of ...

“One must feel sorry for those who have peculiar tastes, although never insult them. Their wrong is Nature’s as well; they are you can forget responsible for having come into the earth with traits unlike our bait than will be we internet marketing born bandy-legged or well-proportioned”. Marquis de Sade, “Dialogue the Fifth” (1795).

I was especially intrigued by this statement which offers description on which we are and why we do things. Basically, it states that some people do some issues that may maybe be different via what the associated with us do. We, yet , should not fault them for achieveing done precisely the same nor should we insult them since these things carry out happen plus they may happen against the person’s choice.

This is being a personality theory called the Biological Feature Theory which will argues that we now have biological conditions that control human behaviors. These biological conditions may be traced directly to the processes that happen in a person’s head. The theory that human behavior can be tracked to biological causes was hypothesized by simply Hans Eysenck who thought that all criminality resulted from a nervous system distinct as a result of most persons.

On the other hand, several disregard the effect of internal mental operations to a person’s behavior. A few trace human being behavior to the development of a person’s subconscious personality. Sigmund Freud theorized that human being personality builds up in 3 stages: identification, ego as well as the superego, all of these may describe human patterns. (“Psychoanalytic Theories”) The id represents the storehouse of a person’s wants and wishes and is considered as the most old fashioned of the 3 personalities. From the moment of birth, every human person possesses id which is manifested by self-centeredness of the child when he is more dedicated to the pleasure of his wants and desires.

The ego, alternatively, represents a self-conscious individual who has comprehended what the universe is not really about him exclusively. It is at this point that the child learns to socialize and obey selected social norms. The superego pertains to the stage when the child learns to distinguish between what is morally right and wrong. It really is at this stage when the child develops the proper ideals and benefits a concept of morality. This essay is involved with these two renowned personality ideas.

I aim to explain both of these concepts and apply a similar using the individuality trait of Jeffrey Dahmer, a popular serial killer. I believe that both hypotheses can adequately explain the behaviour of a serial killer and may both clarify why a person partcipates in deviant tendencies. Personality Account of Jeffrey Dahmer Jeffrey Dahmer was obviously a famous serial killer who also victimized 18 men and boys among 1978 and 1991. What could have enthusiastic or impelled such a shy child to commit such atrocities? Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was developed on May twenty-one, 1960 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

It was said that Jeffrey Dahmer’s problems started even before having been born. Her mother, Joyce Dahmer frequently complained of her early morning sickness and in many cases the smell of foodstuff cooking troubled her. In addition, she developed muscle spasms which caused her for taking drugs and pills. It had been reported that her mom consumed approximately 20 supplements a day.

As a child he located pleasure in killing and mutilating pets or animals like nailing a dog into a tree and crucifying squirrels in his little pet cemetery. He likewise performed weird experiments with these family pets by performing surgeries on them. During his trial, it had been found out that he gathered dead family pets and showed signs of necrophilia. His stepmother Shari Dahmer stated that after he was even now young, this individual liked to work with acid to scrape the meat away dead animals. She possibly recalled that there was once an odor emanated using their basement and garage.

This kind of prompted his father to investigate. He was shocked to find out that Jeffrey Dahmer collected bones and beef residue of animals and placed these people inside containers. His family members was considered to be a religious family. At these kinds of a young grow older Jeffrey as well experienced moving to different local communities. By the associated with 8 years of age his family moved to Kentkucky.

However , since his father was thus busy together with his work great desire to get a PhD, he spent short amount of time with his friends and family. His family members fell apart when he was still very young. His father kept their home and finally his parents got divorce.

His mom took his brother while he continued to live together with his father. For such a age, Jeffrey Dahmer believed the anxiety of being deserted by his mother and brother. It absolutely was reported that as a child having been sexually molested by his neighbor. During his more youthful days he was extremely self conscious and was regarded as loner. He was afraid to go to college and he was terrified when he was with individuals.

At institution, he had zero friends and he would not like to be with people. His teachers realized that Jeffrey had a different personality compared to the friends at college and advised that his parents will get help by experts. Nevertheless he did not. When he attended university, having been poor in the lecture. Later on if he dropped out of class his father convinced him to sign up the armed forces and he became an army medic.

23 years ago however he was arrested for sexually caring a 13-yr-old boy that he served one year within a work release camp and was needed to register as being a sex offender. It is however interesting that his 13th sufferer was the big brother of the 13-yr-old boy this individual molested. During his life span he murdered 17 victims: 3 are white and 14 will be black. Almost all of his patients were Dark-colored and Cookware young men. During his trial he even so denied which the nature of his offense was racial.

All he said during his trial was “it was my personal selfish lust” (Reader’s Guide to Jeffrey Dahmer). But it can not be denied that race was primarily the reason for his killers. The number of dark-colored people this individual killed as against the light will spotlight that competition not lust was his primary inspiration. Jeffrey Dahmer died in 1994 when he, together with one other inmate known as Jesse Anderson, was murdered by a white-colored inmate, named Christopher Scalver, who suffered schizophrenia and delusions. These people were beaten to death with a lead tube.

It is said the fact that reason for the killing was likewise ethnicity. Modus Operandi Dahmer was 18 if he started his legacy like a serial killer. His modus operandi was going to pick up young homosexual or perhaps bisexual men in pubs. He presents them money so that they can take pictures of those or he simply invites them to view videos by his residence and drink beer. Dahmer will then drug his victims so that he could have sexual intercourse with all of them without any response or reciprocity.

He will ultimately drill openings in the head of his victims and pour acid solution on these holes to destroy their particular brains. The effect of this mad experiment is the fact it makes the victims surviving but semiconscious. Dahmer will likely then make love-making slaves away of his victims. The victim’s head and genitalia were sooner or later kept because trophies as well as the muscles would be frozen being eaten afterwards.

Dahmer as well conducted medical experiments on his victims by drilling gaps and flowing acid for the hole. Jeffrey Dahmer’s cannibalistic tendencies since a child and his practice of necrophilia became manifest only at the age of 18. You are able to that the volume of victims this individual killed may not have increased to 17 had law enforcement closely investigated the disappearance of gays(i think they are sick) or dark people within the neighborhood. Likewise the courts were regarded as lenient in offenses he committed earlier in his lifestyle. The sociable workers had been likewise at fault in failing to monitoring him in spite of the earlier crimes he dedicated.

It contains stressing that it was only when having been actually trapped that the law enforcement found out that there was a racist great in the street. Among the this is what took place with this 13th victim Konerak Sinthasomphone. Three police officers were referred to as at that time. Upon arriving at the scene that they noticed 14-year-old Konerak Sinthasomphone who was running around naked and somewhat mixed up. It appeared that he was running from Jeffrey Dahmer.

Two young ladies noticed plus they informed the police about this. However the police even so believed Jeffrey Dahmer who have convinced them that the 14-year-old boy was actually 19 years of age and was his enthusiast and that they are simply just having a lover’s quarrel. The authorities then escorted the 14yr old Konerak Sinthasomphone to Jaffrey Dahmer’s apartment. This kind of proved to be a blunder because sooner or later the 14-year-old boy was found dead.

When he was caught the police discovered in his apartment a freshly cut head in the refrigerator, many pairs of hands and penis filled at the back of the closet, there are two boiled and fleshless skulls on a closet rack. There were as well photographs of dismembered bodies and skulls which were used by Dahmer after and before the getting rid of. Biological Trait Theory From the point of view of Natural Trait Theorists, science may well have the response for the enigma brought by human behavior, especially deviant behaviors.

They believe that mental faculties may have the answer to violent human behavior. (Ingrid Solano) It is said that we now have certain areas in the head that may provide clues pertaining to serial criminals like Jeffrey Dahmer and this certain modifications in our brain could cause a change in human patterns. They report as an example the case of Phineas Gage who was, before his accident, very well loved by his co-workers. It appeared that even though at work, Gauge suffered a critical accident. Gauge, who was a foreman, “triggered a unwanted explosion that launched a pointed iron pole, thick being a broomstick, all the way through his head.

The fly fishing rod rocketed through his confront, excising his left attention, and left skyward throughout the top of his mind. Astoundingly, Gage was able to stand and speak in a few a few minutes. His cleverness was undamaged. But later it became obvious that the once upright child had been improved.

He at this point cursed, lied to you and socialized so abominably that he could not hang on to a job or a good friend. The balance “between his perceptive faculty and his animal propensities” had been destroyed, wrote Gage’s doctor, John Harlow. Gauge was no much longer Gage. ” (Claudia Wallis) Applying this kind of theory to the case of Jeffrey Dahmer, it would seem that there was certainly something in his brain that made him commit these types of atrocities. Firstly, his parents, though they got segregated were normal people. His father was a chemist great mother was before the divorce a good mother.

He originated from a relatively loving family. There were nothing that could show that he was abused or maltreated as a child by simply his father and mother. In fact , his parents possibly tried to reveal the best in him simply by sending him to a great school and a good environment. Although he was reported to obtain been sexually molested by a neighbor when he was old, this was at the moment when he had been exhibiting violent behaviors. Secondly, the accounts on Jeffrey Dahmer’s lifestyle says that from the very young age of 4 he currently showed simply no remorse for animals when he experimented on them and decapitated them and scraped their very own skin off.

It could not have been possible that he bought this behavior from his parents or his neighbours. Thus, his behavior may only be caused by the inner procedures of his mind which is manifested by the fact that Dahmer’s violent patterns showed also at the time if he was couple of years old the moment his dad noticed that this individual liked to violently drive blocks and fiercely tear up leaves. It was as if his violent behavior was instinctive in the part. There exists nothing that could explain this violent tendencies except that it absolutely was the reactions in his human brain that trigger these violent outbursts.

Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theory On the other hand, Freud offered another explanation pertaining to deviant behavior. He thought that all serial killers are narcissists or what he called the level of genuine id. (“Freud Narcissist Theory”) A narcissist is a person with no perception of empathy. They have zero sense of the world and no respect for the energy of additional person besides their own.

An individual who engages in deviant behavior has the feeling of self-importance and obsession with dreams of endless success. He’s convinced that he is exceptional and one of a kind and he feels that all people deserve to be reprimanded and harm. He is a person who is concerned simply with him self and features pure self-love. According to Freud, human being personality can be divided into 3 stages: id, ego and superego. The aim is for man personality to progress from the id to the superego.

The problem is that some of us are unable to progress to superego and remain in the stage of id. Dramon killers, like Jeffrey Dahmer, are never capable to progress from the infantile and emotional creation stage with the id. This kind of theory can aptly apply at Jeffrey Dahmer. It is really worth nothing that Jeffrey Dahmer was a great anti-social when he was still a young child. He disliked participating in competitive and physical games with all the other kid.

In specifics, accounts display that Dahmer was even more fascinated with game titles like hide and seek or game titles that involved stalking or concealing. For school, he did not speak to the various other kids which will alerted his teachers. Certainly, Dahmer had problems keeping relationship to people which is the foundation from the next stage of personality theory – the ego.

This individuality trait ongoing until he reached his adulthood. Having been poor in school, got started out of the armed forces and was never able to stay in any sort of work. In accordance to Freud, this feeling of excess of narcissism can be associated with having a lack of sexual sexual desire.

It is because with this reason that Jeffrey Dahmer when his victims happen to be semi-conscious will usually have repeated sex with his victim just before he eliminates them. His purpose is always to release his sexual sexual desire. According to Freud, this narcissistic sense is demonstrated with the manner the dramon killer kills his victims. In the case of Jeffrey Dahmer, he would usually weaken his patients, humiliate and humble all of them by going holes for their skull and pouring acid solution on these kinds of holes so that they remain in but they are semi-conscious.

The dismembered parts of the body will later on end up being placed in the refrigerator to be eaten afterwards. Conclusion We hear about serial killers virtually all the time within our society towards the point which it has become regular for us to listen to and see persons being murdered, mutilated and violated. Each of our society is definitely likewise engaged when the existence of dramon killers, just like Jeffrey Dahmer, are portrayed in the movies, televisions and newspapers. Although it applies that we hate them although at the back of our minds there is a feeling of awe every time all of us watch a film about serial killers. I think this is because of the love for violence and danger.

This however just speaks of the debase current condition of the present culture. We are unaware that maybe it is the society’s fascination to get serial criminals and our love for lust and violence that creates a thousand more of Jeffrey Dahmer. Mcdougal feels that so long as this problem persists we will have a thousand associated with Jeffrey Dahmer being delivered.

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