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The Chosen: a Life Changing Friendship Essay

The Chosen by simply Chaim Potok tells a story about an unlikely friendship between an Orthodox Jew, Reuven Malter, and Hasidic Jew, Danny Saunders.

The story is narrated from Reuven’s point of view. This begins with a baseball video game in which Danny and Reuven are playing on opposition teams. During the game Danny hits a line drive to Reuven, and Reuven’s eye is usually injured. After that, Danny and Reuven enter into each other’s different worlds and a deep camaraderie evolves. Their friendship essentially changes both of their lives.

The author uses strong persona development and symbolism to demonstrate how a a friendly relationship between two very different persons can change their very own lives. Reuven and Danny are different in several ways. To they are all, religion is known as a way of life, but their approach to their particular faith is usually not the same. Reuven is devout and prays with real compassion, obviously believing his prayers are heard. This individual and his father study the Talmud in a slow, organized way, employing scientific criticism.

Reuven wants to become a rabbi. Danny’s method of his trust is more mechanised. He studies the Talmud because he must. He great father’s method of studying the Talmud is by making details and quarrelling.

Danny’s long term position as being a ‘tzaddik’ can be described as given. Although Reuven is far more personable and goes out with friends, Danny seems more withdrawn and holds himself apart from persons. Each boy develops because of their camaraderie and in the end both of their lives alter. At the beginning of the storyplot, Reuven dismisses Hasidism and the ones who practice it.

This individual thinks Hasids are ignorant and self-righteous fanatics. He’s critical of what he doesn’t figure out. As their not likely friendship starts and Reuven is pushed into Danny’s world, his perception broadens.

His your-eyes opened and he knows that everything is not always the way they seem. “I don’t understand it…Weeks and weeks go by, one Shabbat follows one other, and I’m the same, practically nothing has changed, and suddenly some day something happens, and everything looks different. ” (Potok pg. 114) Although he doesn’t transform his practice of religion, this individual becomes even more accepting of those people who are different from him. As part of his development as being a person, Reuven learns what it means to be a authentic friend. Danny’s life at the start of the book is completely not the same as Reuven’s. His life has already been planned out to get him.

He has no close friends and feels trapped by the expectations of his dad. From his friendship with Reuven, his world starts to open up. Danny has begun to study books that contradict what he has become taught and he begins to think of suggestions beyond his religion. Danny can confer with Reuven and talk to him about the future, his needs, and his thoughts. “I want to be able to inhale, to think the things i want to consider, to say the items the I want to say. I’m trapped now… My mind meows to get from it, nevertheless I can’t.

Not now. One day I will, even though. I’ll desire you around on that day, friend. “(Potok pg.

202) Eventually, because of his friendship with Reuven, Danny has the valor to go against his father’s wishes intended for his existence and become what he wants to be. Danny and Reuven’s relationship indicate together of them that they may move over and above their present way of thinking. The writer uses meaning to show how a friendship among Danny and Reuven transformed their lives.

A dominant symbol in The Chosen can be eyes. The eyes represent seeing. It emphasizes perception of one self and the universe in a textual as well as a symbolic sense. The symbolism begins when Danny injures Reuven’s eye in a baseball game. Reuven’s attention is literally hurt and the revival of his eyesight symbolizes a whole ” new world ” opening up intended for him.

When ever Reuven comes home from the hospital after befriending Danny, his house seems unusual, and he views things in another way. “I have not really paid any focus on it before. Now it seemed suddenly luminous and alive. (Potok pg. 99) Danny’s eyes are symbolic as well. Through a large portion of the book, Danny is constantly flashing his sight, and his your-eyes described as exhausted or unfortunate.

This signifies his interior turmoil. When things are settled and Danny is liberated to make his way in the world, his eyes are different. “But there was a mild in his eye that was almost blinding the vision. ” (Potok pg. 283) The significance of the eyes plays a sizable role in The Chosen helping demonstrate the change that develops in the boys’ lives from other friendship. Chaim Potok’s The Chosen identifies a a friendly relationship between two very different young boys. The author uses strong figure development and symbolism to show how a friendship between two dissimilar people can alter all their lives.

Simply by describing the characters’ creation throughout the account, the author reveals how Reuven and Danny are influenced by their camaraderie. The sign of the vision illustrates how the boys’ notion was widened and their world was altered. As a result of these kinds of techniques, the writer creates a tale of a life changing friendship.

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