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Research on alcoholic beverages Essay

With this research doc I am going to talk about a couple of things regarding the packaging and marketing of alcoholic beverages, however am going to go over the target market of the alcohol industry. there are numerous rules concerning the packaging and marketing of alcohol in South-Africa, the main reason for this is the fact that we have a lot of car accidents and acts of violence connected to the consumption since evident in the Gauteng liquor plan. According to euromonitor. com the biggest trend at this stage in South Africa is usually Sustainability not merely among produces but as well among buyers more and more people have grown to be more environmentally aware, which leads to creativity of the labels solutions for the future.

Another significant thing that is mentioned on euromonitor. com is that there exists more detailed segmentation of foreign and in your area produced items are being applied, revitalizing our monetary growth from your alcohol industry. According to ttb. gov the only requirements for the packaging of liquor in s. africa is that it may include the brand of the product where it absolutely was made and special instructions and safety measures and as considerably as the others of my own research shows it is also a requirement to convey on the item that it is designed for sale to persons within the age of 18 accept for that there seems to always be little restrictions concerning the the labels of alcohol.

Packaging of goods that we generate in s. africa sometimes has to relate to intercontinental standards because we want to export our goods but when it comes to advertising alcoholic drinks in south africa there exists a couple of issues I have to point out. According to the Gauteng liquor plan advertising liquor increases the amount of alcohol consumed this really is a sizzling debate as of this current minute as there are persons contesting up against the current regulations (Gauteng alcohol policy, (2011) [pdf]. This demonstrates that the rules with regards to advertisement of alcoholic beverages increases with time, keeping that in mind can be useful in the foreseeable future regarding the advertising plans that companies that produce alcoholic beverages set up for future years.

According to an article the cost of damaging alcohol abuse in South-Africa; damaging alcohol use is very high in south africa and its particular stated it is one of the main risk factors for poor health in South-Africa (http://www. ara. company. za) The point audience to get alcoholic beverages is all people that are older than 18 due to rules restrictions, almost all adult do consume liquor and thus the target audience is pretty big the income degree of the consumers of alcohol is very diverse but when it comes to specialized items like build beer as an example the market is much more directed at the upper class, where there is cheaper alternatives for low income classes. The point audience of alcohol is dependent on the individuality of the brand because consumers correspond with brands and make all their choices in accordance to that they would like to represent themselves amongst other people.

According to Craig Berman the people that drink the most are teenagers and he also says that guys tend to drink more than female, this is why therefore manny in the existing firms directly focus on younger guys. (C. Berman 2012 chron. com) Sporting activities fans can also be a great concentrate on for the alcohol sector due to the fact that males and female enjoy drinking whilst getting entertained simply by sporting events. The alcohol sector is known to promote by selling sporting events sport teams and so forth, and in some cases the fans of sponsored groups are just while big fans of the alcohol brand that benefactors their crew.

So in conclusion the Target market for liquor is quite an extensive group of people but typically consists out of younger men aged between 18 and 49 and sports fans are a big struck, the restrictions in s. africa concerning this individual packaging is definitely not too strict although one continues to have to conform to some guidelines concerning warnings and so forth, the industry is very certain and very segmented into several target audiences and lastly the biggest trend in South-Africa’s alcoholic beverages industry is focusing on sustainability. Reference list Craig Berman http://smallbusiness. chron. com/largest-target-markets-alcohol-advertising-66914. html http://www. ttb. gov/itd/southafrica. shtml http://www. euromonitor. com/alcoholic-drinks-packaging-in-south-africa/report http://www. ara. co. za/industry-tips/code-of-conduct http://www. ara. co. za/uploads/ban-on-alcohol-advertising/economic-impact-of-an-adban_econometrix_ara_chapter3. pdf.

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