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The bad of medication addiction essay

Our ancestors have used of five cardinal sins which will must be avoided by all means even though they may appear to bring profit or satisfaction for the time being. The five primary sins will be gambling, taking, murder, unchastity, and drugs. A history of humanity is full with cases where people have been wrecked by following the road of one yet another of them. Complete nations were brought to bad because of opium.

Why after that does a guy take to medications? Some think it contributes to pleasure; another think that it will require away physical weariness.

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Also they have a doping effect so that at the spur of the instant, the person may act even more vigorously although only to find himself weaker later. Still others take this in order to join their peers. In frosty countries, they get it to hold themselves nice.

While in very small doasage amounts, drugs behave as medicines, but in large doasage amounts, they can just bring injury. Sustained ingestion of them in large quantities will bring about dependency and addiction.

Continued habit upsets the digestive system, particularly the liver, leading eventually to death. Prescription drugs also impact the nervous program, especially the head which controls the non-reflex action. And so a man intoxicated by a drug in not able to walk correctly, and he staggers. Id deadens the senses, therefore he does not know what he does or speaks. Often, under the influence of a drug, they can do shameful acts.

The mental performance will be numbed. To forget their concerns, people take drugs, although that is not the answer to their problems. The habit can only provide moral degradation. The abuser himself is aware it, so he uses them just in top secret, and no has to be openly may come forward to say he is an addict. It could be disapproved by simply society. Socially, and addict is seemed down after, and people could try to avoid him. He would become a nuisance where ever he is in the home or t work. He would bring untold misery to his friends and family, and those about him. Apart from in the company of a leper. His family will also share the ignominy because people will level the accusing finger by such a family.

Financially, that ruins the addict. The cash would go to waste when it might have been used for the betterment of the self or for the power ofthe relatives. Drug dependency is also against all religious sanctions which will consider drug use to be an immoral and evil activity.

Absolutely, the medications will not and cannot provide real satisfaction or add to the quality of life. In the event one believes in that way, it is just an illusion. Nowadays, drugs like weed, opium yet others are staying taken by young people under fake pretenses. It is unfortunate if perhaps they do not realize the dangerous effect. So it is best to prevent the company of the people who have option to medicines or claim them. Keep in mind the physical ruin, mental upset, meaning degradation, cultural and economical breakdown. So , for The lord’s sake, you ought to never become tempted simply by them.


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