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Case Study of Personality Theories Essay

Abdul Hnnan a 12 year old boy, who may have been presented with language, academics and tendencies difficulties. Hnnan had a traumatic delivery and suffered from hypoxia.

Hnnan’s early motor and language milestones were grossly delayed. He sat and crawled in 2 . six years of age and walked after 3 years. His language was delayed and he talked his initially words at 4. 6 years to 5 years and in phrases after your five years. His speech was unclear and could be recognized by his parents at age 6 years. Yet , even now outsiders understood 73% of what he stated.

His gross motor skills and great motor expertise were poor. He started rising stairs in 4 to five years and started pedaling at a few years. This individual still wasn’t able to pedal a bicycle, tie his shoelaces and switch his tee shirt. Hnnan was a placid baby who would not respond, acquired no eye-to-eye contact and had a squint. He slept to get long hours together to be force-fed.

He was hyper-active, destructive and aggressive after 3 years. He banged his head. He disliked tourists and could get very affected. He hated any object in the house staying displaced and insisted upon having every thing in order. Having been very difficult to handle.

He liked to rotate around and jump. When justin was 4 to five years, using the noticing other children and started acquiring interest in them. He started to be less agitee, less aggressive and was more responsive to guidance. However , at present he was still restless and jumped a lot.

He could still spin around all day. He enjoyed being on his own but also could be talkative, over friendly and odd. He frequently asked the same questions and was trusting. For example , during the interview this individual repeatedly asked “Can a cow damage or certainly not? What if We play with that, will it injure me or perhaps not? ” He had composing problems because of his palm tremors.

He was always restless and distractible and could certainly not sit for lots of minutes. His memory was very good but his understanding was weak. His mother needs to sit with him for hours to teach him language and concepts. This individual has problems with understanding complex or perhaps abstract concepts.

He did not have problems in cultural interaction yet had problems in sociable communication and imaginative and versatile thinking. Difficulties with self control is delivering as uneasyness, inability to follow adult schedule and paying attention to other people, as to the they might be saying, thinking or feeling. CULTURAL HISTORY Abdul Hnnan was created in Lahore, Pakistan by Pakistani father and mother.

He was the first kid in the relatives. His mom, Wajiha, had a positive family history. One of her cousins was mentally retarded. Hnnan came to be at term. His mom had high blood pressure.

The time was prolonged, 11 hours and a caesarean was suggested although refused. He was born sagging and blue. He had hypoxia. He was in NICU pertaining to 5 days.

His delivery weight was 2 . fifty four kilos. He cried well after 15 days of your life. Hnnan’s early motor and language milestones were grossly delayed. Using the noticing children at four or five years and started currently taking interest in these people.

Hnnan’s young sister, Amen, 3 years old was extremely sociable and talkative. Hnnan’s father was more sufferer and his mom more cascarrabias. Hnnan was very difficult right up until age six years and was aggressive, noncompliant and maniacally demanding.

As he grew older he became more co-operative and can be rationalized with. Anytime his mother asked him to do a thing he disregarded 5 to 6 moments. After that he started to argue.

His mother used reprimands, morceaus, threats and force to make him do things. Hnnan did not go to college. The relatives moved to Saudi Arabia when he was 7 years older.

His parents took him to a Neuro-Developmental Pediatrician when he was on the lookout for years old. His mother reported that this individual did not want to play with toys and games. All he did was jump on a bed or spin about. He was very restless and distracted together a short interest span. Maybe he is very obstinate and was adament on undertaking things his way.

Having been generally pleasant and friendly. He regularly asked similar questions and insisted that his father and mother answer them in the same way or perhaps he answered them himself. He watched the same cartoons repeatedly.

This individual constantly jumped or spun around. This individual used to get things from strangers. This individual ignored a kid crying until age five years although after that he gradually became more understanding. Hnnan avoided staying in throngs as he realized that having been different from other folks and that’s why individuals were laughing by him.

From then on his state got better. Subsequent difficulties could become apparent in early childhood: Concerns performing subtle movements, just like tying shoelaces, doing up control keys and squat, using cutlery, handwriting. Many will have issues getting outfitted. They have problems carrying out playground movements, just like jumping, playing hopscotch, getting a ball, kicking a ball, hopping and skipping. They have a bigger tendency to bump into things, to fall over and to drop items.

Some believe it is hard to increase and straight down stairs. A lot of have problems with applying scissors, colouring, drawing, playing jigsaw game titles.

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