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Telecommunications the internet and wireless

Speed business processes: Decrease the time to result in a business method. Cut travelling, conferencing and communication costs: See who may be available right now and let the software find them. Use on-line meetings, Voice over IP (VoIP) and even more. Organizations can reduce travel and leisure expenses, lower audio- and Web-conferencing support expenses, and dramatically reduce telephony expenditures. These cost benefits are adequate that Sametime unified marketing and sales communications (UC) implementations typically pay for themselves within a year.

Allow dispersed teams to work together: Speed project completion to get teams in several locations, countries, and timezones.

Include portable employees. Hire and keep the best talent: Evolve a more collaborative culture across teams” around the globe or inside the same building. Provide better employee work-life balance by simply extending the ability to work virtually anywhere while ensuring effective management and working environment. Make it easy for people to gain access to UC capabilities from their computer system apps: See”right within applications”who is available pertaining to collaboration and after that communicate within a click.

Give people choice and flexibility in collaboration to get the job done: Move seamlessly”via a unified user interface”among text talks, voice and video cell phone calls, and on the net meetings”whatever best fits the situation. With Sametime application, quick text message chats can answer simple questions outright or may be escalated to multiway words or online video chats or an online conference. Tightly integrated tools in Sametime computer software make it easy to switch communications and collaboration strategies as your conversation evolves.

Unify and extend your marketing communications environment: Gain integrated tone, computer and telephony. Use Sametime software’s integrated voip (VoIP) and high-quality personal pc video capabilities”or use thirdparty plug-ins”to combine with your existing systems. Work with optional one-number phone service, softphone and brilliant call administration capabilities via an existing telephony infrastructure.

Shield your investments in applications, words and video: Leverage your current communications and application environment rather than tearing and changing it. Sametime software facilitates and integrates with multiple client and server operat-


Section 7, Case 1 Digital Collaboration intended for Lotus Sametime3

ing devices, e-mail platforms, directories, telephony, audio conferencing and online video conferencing devices. (IBM, On the web meetings with Lotus Sametime software, 2010) One of the major destinations of Sametime is the use being a collaboration instrument. Sametime on the web meetings (Web conferencing) enable rich effort with affiliates around the world”inside or beyond the enterprise. There are plenty of potential advantages from using on the net meetings to share documents, applications, and screens.

Projects can be completed faster when clubs don’t have to wait for e-mail exchanges or go face-to-face meetings. High-quality audio and video capabilities can easily enhance the collaborative experience, rendering context through subtle indicators such as body language that would normally be missing from a Web meeting. Organizations can easily spend fewer on travel, lower telephony and music conferencing expenses, and reduce or perhaps eliminate high-priced fees for hosted internet conferencing companies.

Virtual Sametime: Avatar Collaborators In 2009 IBM introduced it is virtual version of Sametime. The original (and still available) version of Sametime operates in a standard Home windows menu environment. Users can easily arrange for and plan group meetings, invite participants, conduct conferences, take forms, and product documents. The virtual release described in case video gives an “immersive environment where users select avatars to experience their jobs.

Supplementing the standard edition using a virtual environment offers various potential benefits: friendlier user-interface, ease of use, and the attraction of a contemporary gamelike environment, let alone the demand for the Wayne Cameron film “Avatar.  Briefly, virtual representations of personnel are popular and fascinating. Whether or not they contribute to better collaboration in firms is something you should decide.


1 . Depending on the video and text of the case, list and briefly explain five areas where either edition of Sametime may maximize employee output. What do you think will produce the greatest increase in employee efficiency?

2 . How exactly does Lotus Sametime support collaboration? What are the extra benefits of the virtual environment? 3. The truth mentions “presence awareness.  What is occurrence awareness and of what use is it?


Chapter six, Case one particular Virtual Collaboration for That lotus Sametime4

four. What types of communication are integrated within Sametime’s digital environment? What type of connection is lacking? Does it make any difference? 5. Do you think that virtual collaboration employing avatars is more or less effective than traditional methods of effort (which contain face-to-face, visiting meetings, phone conference cell phone calls, e-mail, and instant messaging)?

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