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Systems documentation tactics essay

Question 1

1 . Put together flowcharting sections for each of the following procedures:

a)processing orders stored in magnetic strapping to bring up to date a expert file kept on permanent magnet tape

b)processing transactions kept on permanent magnetic tape to update a database kept on a magnetic disk

c)converting source files to magnet tape using a computer-based optical character target audience (OCR)

d)processing OCR files online to update a database upon magnetic hard disk drive

e)reading info from a magnetic disk into the pc to be imprinted on a report

f)using some type of computer or fatal to essential data coming from source papers to a data file stored on the magnetic drive

g)manually selecting and filing invoices numerically

h)using a terminal to source document data and send this to a remote control location in which an online finalizing system documents it within a database placed on permanent magnet disk

i)a scheduled programmed backup of your internal hard disk to an external hard drive

j)using a port to query customer product sales data taken care of on a magnet disk

k)enter employee hours recorded on time cards inside the payroll transactionfile maintained about disk and update wage info maintained within the payroll grasp file

l)use a terminal to access a price list managed on drive to develop a purchase order.

An electric copy with the purchase order is usually sent to the seller and a backup duplicate is imprinted and recorded by merchant name

m)update an airline reservation on a Web-based flight reservation program from a home computer

Query 2

The Happy Pit Utility Business uses turn-around documents in its computerized consumer accounting program.

Colocar readers are offered with preprinted computer forms, each containing the bank account number, brand, address and former meter psychic readings. Each type also contains a sorted area when the customer’s current meter browsing can be designated in pencil. Following making all their rounds, m readers submit batches of those documents to the computer info preparation department, where they can be processed with a mark-sense document reader that transfers their particular contents to magnetic strapping.

This magnet tape document is used while input for two computer works. The initially run kinds the transaction records around the tape in sequential buy by client account number. On the second run, the sorted transaction tape is definitely processed resistant to the customer master file, which is sorted on the magnetic drive. Second-run results are (1) a printed report listing summary details and any erroneous orders detected by the computer and (2) consumer bills printed in a special OCR-readable typeface. Bills are mailed and customers are requested to come back the stub portion along with repayment.

Customer repayments are received in the mailroom and examined for persistence against the went back remittance stubs. Checks happen to be then provided for the cashier’s office. The mailroom offers the computer data preparation department with three sets of records: (1) stubs with compatible portions, (2) stubs with varying amounts, and (3) a listing of amounts received from clients, without stubs. For these two types of records, data preparation employees use a particular off-line keying device to organize corrected slip. An OCR document audience reads all of the stubs and sends the info to the business computer. The computer updates the customer master file to post the payment portions. Two published outputs out of this second method are (1) reports record erroneous transactions and brief summary information and (2) past-due customer amounts.


a)Draw a system flowchart of the payment operations, commencing with the computer system preparation in the meter reading forms and ending while using mailing of customer expenses.

b)Draw a system flowchart depicting customer repayments processing, starting with the mailroom operations and ending with the two published reports. a)Draw a system flowchart of the invoicing operations, starting with the computer system preparation with the meter reading forms and ending with all the mailing of customer expenses.

b)Draw something flowchart describing customer payments processing, starting with the mailroom operations and ending together with the two branded reports.


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