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Symbolism in the hunger video games essay

Films have many ways to show symbolism. Through those methods viewers is able to see the meaning of why or perhaps how aspects in movies are the method they are. The true meaning of symbolism is the use of different signs to symbolize or imply another idea or quality. One film that will do a good job of using symbolism is the 2012 film The Hunger Online games. In this film the representative, Gary Ross, demonstrates and portrays symbolism throughout the complete film smartly. Identifying meaning can be complicated task mainly because viewers tend to get therefore caught up in the plot in the movie the important elements that make a film unique receive taken for granted.

When coming down to film, a couple of emblems should be quite rare and never so noticeable. But they are present and if identified, these symbols can be a big part of what a director is intending to get through the minds of his or her viewers. But , a big aspect of symbolic at the beginning of a movie is that the symbol foreshadows a thing that appears later in the film towards the climax. When coming down to the Craving for food Games, the games are an whodunit of government control and what’s going on in the genuine world today. The actual online games show many ways that the federal government is only controlling the country.

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Whether in the actual games or perhaps outside these people. The polish capitol claims that selecting children for a enjoying of the online games is a good factor, but finally, the reaping is not. The kids are thrown in to an area, for the satisfaction from the government capitol and are advised to implement each other right up until only one is definitely standing. This kind of shows that the capitol is trying to get through towards the citizens in the out laying and poor districts they may have a firm understanding of whatever they certainly. Therefore , manipulating the districts. Obviously the main source of power in the wonderful world of Panem is definitely the capitol.

The government controls the nation because the govt holds all of the country’s wealth. Because of this, The Hunger Online games are the biggest display from the government’s electrical power and were designed to advise the world against rebellion that was in the present. Instead of seeing that they are the puppets of the polish capitol and rebelling, the government makes it hate each other and combat amongst themselves. The bad issue about the games is that the capitol contacts the event on television reinforcing the idea that all the tributes are can be entertainment for the capitol people.

The games are a symbol of federal government control because of how the capitol’s gamemaker settings what will happen inside the games. Regardless of whether who drops dead and some time or perhaps how they will die. To solidify this, a landscape towards the beginning of when the games begins shows Katniss, the main character, is straying off too far from the other contribution. The capitol’s head gamemaker realizes this kind of and pushes her better with a big wall of fireplace resulting in a serious injury wherever Katniss could have easily recently been killed. In case the capitol wanted her deceased, they may easily do that.

This gives from the impression for the country of Panem they can do anything using their power to anyone they want to. A scene towards the middle of the film, where whilst during the actual games, the President of Panem says “take care of the problem reffering to Katniss since “the difficulty.  However the game developer cannot do that and response with “not yet, allow it enjoy out due to the fact that the people of Panem are rooting for her. By game developer doing this, this individual implies that by providing the world admirer favorite, this will likely essentially gives them hope.

And the idea of killing their particular Hope, Katniss, will send the impression of ultimate electricity the Capitol possesses. Ross makes this appear to be the government offers unlimited electricity and are competent of showing this electric power at any given time. The Hunger Online games themselves are in fact an whodunit of government control with the use of the power they positions. A part of the film exactly where Gary Ross makes the federal government seem like they will do anything that they please. Directly after the Food cravings Games are over, the capitol punishes Katniss on her intolerable actions in the game titles.

Usually, the winner of the Hunger Games can no longer your games once again and shall remain wealthy for the remainder of their lives. But , due to their power, the federal government twists this kind of rule and has the champion of previous games always be re-entered in the reaping. With the knowledge that Katniss may be the only girl to at any time win via her area, the polish capitol knows this wounderful woman has to be picked out to go back in to the games. The capitol is pretty much implying that they can control a person no matter what the circumstances are.

With thirteen distinct districts in the wonderful world of Panem and all of them creating a certain source that the Capitol government entitles them to associated with districts may possibly have the idea and feeling of freedom, however in all truth the people are being watched at every second. By sharing with the schisme to supply these resources for other districts, the government is providing them with the impression that they are causing the country however they aren’t in in fact. They may be just contributing to the polish capitol essentially making them poorer.

By putting this kind of aspect in the film Gary Ross is giving off the impression that even though people do not know they can be being controlled by the capitol, they are. Usually, the government exists to protect residents from what is bad in the world but in the Hunger Online games, this is not the case. The government in the Hunger Games strikes dread into the individuals. Ultimately, The Hunger Video games themselves are a great allegory of presidency control which the surrounding districts have no power over. And by utilizing this kind of symbol, the citizens surely have no reaction towards this kind of fact or so they find out.


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