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Quantitative study quality examination research

Disease, Medical care, Children, Vaccination

Excerpt by Research Newspaper:

Assessing the quality of quantitative research

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Issue 1: Examine purpose/question

(a) Did the research have a clearly mentioned purpose/research problem?


(b) Describe your response below:

The study was designed to evaluate the feasibility with the mobile services so as to determine the most suitable sample size and also to refine the study design prior to rolling your randomized controlled study. The analysis also had the sewing-embroidery of gathering feedback coming from parents around the SMS simple guidelines after the input.

Question 2: Relevance to nursing/midwifery practice

(a) Make clear how this question was relevant to nursing/midwifery practice.

The study is extremely relevant in terms of attaining some of key objectives of nursing/ midwifery practice; the objective of reminding/ alerting parents about certain responsibilities they have to fulfil on a offered date by way of mobile texts. The mobile phone has changed distinguishly many aspects of day-to-day lifestyle. The SMS (Short Concept Service) technology has proven useful in the delivery of health care towards the public. Feature phones and smartphones are becoming ubiquitous within our society. The fact that almost everyone has a mobile phone that can acquire and send text messages has enabled health care professionals to deliver significant communication to members of the public particularly in the area of disease prevention. Multiple studies have been completely done to look into this convenience of text messaging technology in disease reduction. Most of the research have reported positive results. One of the most prominent uses of text messaging technology in health care is in helping remind parents of the childrens vaccination dates. It has helped to obtain more children fully immunized against different types of infections. However , you may still find millions of newborns around the globe whom still do not really complete their very own vaccination series putting them at risk of suffering serious nevertheless vaccine-preventable conditions. One of the limitations that is stopping these kids from receiving immunization is definitely the lack of appropriate communication between health care providers and parents with regards to the requirement for timely vaccination of children. It is thought that cellular telephony particularly the use of text messages can help change this situation (Domek et al., 2016).

Question 3: Values

(a) What were the possible risks of playing the study?

Feasible disruption of network/ phone service

Software limits

(b) Were these dangers clearly discovered by the creators? Yes

(c) If risks were recognized by the experts, how do they propose to lower risk?

The possible interruption of network service was identified by authors being a serious risk. To address the chance, the creators argued that there was a purpose to have even more communication stations with the father and mother. The experts also argued that there is a need to get back-up devices that could convert the SMSs to different media including email, letters or words messages so the messages could still be able to the parents in the event of disruption of phone service.

The mobile telephone software used in the study was also thought to be a possible risk. This was as it was not bundled with electronic medical documents meaning all the info that was entered into the machine was keyed in personally and not automatically. There was also no computerized calendar functionality to enable the program to send the reminders automatically. They had being sent on the actual time. Furthermore, there was no alert system to share with the health pros that a parent had not received the text reminder that was intended for these people.

(d) Would the authors state that they had approval coming from an ethics committee to undertake the study?


(e) Just how did the authors get informed agreement from individuals?

The participants were requested their consent through varieties and sms.

(f) Did you recognize and potential risks associated with the study that have been not discovered by the writers and if therefore , what were they?

A few studies could cause inconvenience, difficulties or even injury on the members. Some of the inconveniences include filling forms.

Addititionally there is discomfort from the point of view that one may feel hurried up by the text tip to do a thing that he or she did not plan to do in that particular time. There is also panic that may be brought on by having appearing for an interview.

The most severe risk nevertheless is the fact that researchers or their assistants may be involved in some form of wrong doings. This could be as fraud or taking advantage of the vulnerable parents National Health and Medical Research Council, 2018).

Question 4: Study design and style

(a) Explain the selected study design for this research

The study was a randomized managed trials (RCT). Randomized handled trials kind an important part of evidence-based medication and are necessary for investigating the usefulness of research data on the ground. When it comes to the study design and style, RCTs are regarded by many people to be the best tool intended for assessing efficiency in scientific research. Your data or findings from RCTs are usually adopted by many medical care professionals to get the delivery of evidence-based interventions. Contrary to nonexperimental research such as circumstance reports and cross-sectional opinions, randomized manipulated trials often lead to superior quality insights with causal inferential value and are also therefore regarded as being at the core of evidence-based health care (Spieth ou al., 2016).

(b) Was this an appropriate study design and style for the given study question?


(c) Explain why the chosen study design was suitable.

Randomized controlled trial offers are considered as the gold common in the evaluation of effectiveness/ efficacy of medical concours. There are generally used in determining the efficacy of drugs but are also suitable for looking into just how well tools or affluence perform in real-world scenarios as opposed to control circumstances. Consequently, the use of randomized controlled tests for this research was extremely suitable looking at there was an intervention whose success could be influenced by several regarded and not known factors. In addition, it had to be randomized to remove opinion (Houle, 2015).

Question your five: Sample (Participants)

(a) Just how many participants were as part of the study?

90 participants from the 125 got into contact with were accepted and participated inside the study. From the ninety, forty were control participants.

(b) What had been the inclusion and exclusion criteria?

The inclusion conditions was wide. Mothers of newborns who also could speak either The spanish language or English language and had a phone with SMS features were eligible for the study. The research, however , excluded young moms under the associated with 18 years or did not want their children to be vaccinated for religious or personal beliefs.

(c) Explain how the participants had been recruited

Moms of newborns were signed up from a nearby hospital by a research associate. Only those mothers that wanted to look for paediatric treatment at the school health service were recruited by the assistant. Mothers who have agreed to become recruited were asked to verify their recruitment by sending the word TECHNIQUES to a certain mobile number that was designated for the research. Those who sent the SMS, received follow up communications asking those to send their particular childrens particular date of beginning, name and sex.

(d) Describe the setting when the study took place (hospital, community, etc).

The study took place within a mid-western city setting with the University Teachers and Homeowner Clinic intended for paediatric attention.

Question 6: Methods/Intervention/Data collection

(a) Describe the intervention (eg. treatment, therapy etc)

The parents with the newborns were divided into two groups the control group and the involvement group. All those in the intervention group received appointment greeting cards and SMSs on their phones a week prior to three vaccination dates; if the children converted 2, some and then six months time old. The messages were sent using a computer software that was connected to the research mobile phone.

(b) The fact that was the comparator (eg. option treatment or therapy; placebo etc)

Moms in the control group received regular marketing communications on the shots due. Simply no text messages were sent to all of them.

(c) Was this intervention adequately referred to so that it could possibly be replicated in practice?


(d) Describe your respond to (c)

One of the important elements of scientific research is making sure that the investigation is replicable. This brings value towards the study and enables additional interested research workers to replicate the study to verify the quality of the effects. The process of ensuring research is replicable simple requires giving complete details and maintaining maximum transparency inside the reports created before and through the study (Douet et approach., 2014). This specific research has execution fidelity; the extent where the treatment matches the designed purpose (Breitenstein et ing., 2010). The reason is , the details

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