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Sumerel v goodyear tire rubber company essay

The Parties:

The Parties in this instance are Joe and Sallie Sumerel, Steven and Ann Berzin, Dane and Kerry Dicke, and Bart Kaufman and Very good Year Wheel & Rubberized Company. Greg and Sallie Sumerel, Steven and Ann Berzin, Dane and Kerry Dicke, and Bart Kaufman are all the plaintiffs and appellants being that they are suing and also appealing the decision. The Good 12 months Tire & Rubber Firm is the defendant and the appellees since they are staying sued and contesting the appeal.

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History of the situation:

Bob and Sallie Sumerel, Steven and Ann Berzin, Dane and Kerry Festigkeit, and Bart Kaufman happen to be suing Good Year due to a the defective produced hose that was mounted in the plaintiffs’ heating systems in all all their cars. Great Year seems they are not really responsible for the “other expense and losses the injured parties are professing. The Area Court decided in favor of the plaintiffs. Good year appeal the case and it was later over turned due to generally there not being an effective agreement within the amount to be paid.

The important points

Good Year Tire & Rubber Firm was located liable for the defective made hose inside the heating system of several households that were consumers of their own. The Plaintiffs were granted 1 . three or more million in damages and “other price and losses. The Berzins and Dickes were honored 48 percent for the “other price and losses. In addition to this, the Sumerels and Kaufmans were awarded thirty-six percent for the similar issue. Very good Year charm the decision to pay “other cost and losses for the Plaintiffs however the court maintained the decision pertaining to pre-judgment interest. The amount ordered was incorrect so both sides negotiate the best pricing. As a result of procedure taken up come to a decision the court over turned the choice on the grounds of the agreement not being properly carried out by the Legal representatives of both sides.

The litigant’s theory (Why he considers he is right)

The Injured parties feel they are really entitled to the first amount the court ordered the Good Season to spend them. Within their minds they will felt like if the faulty hose-pipe were not placed in their vehicles then this could not be an issue intended for the tennis courts. Since the line was make the vehicles Good Year was liable for virtually any issue brought on by this hose-pipe. They want to end up being compensated to get all”other cost and losses they found because of this.

The defendant’s theory

Good Season doesn’t truly feel they are in charge of the “other cost and losses experienced by the Injured parties in this case. Good Year seem like if they will pay the right amount they are going to have satisfied the courts decision. As soon as the attorneys worked out the correct amount and attempted to fix the issue Good 12 months felt they were only obligated to spend that amount only.

The legal issue

Should the Plaintiffs seriously get the $1. 3 , 000, 000 ordered by the Courts? Whenever they be honored any money because of their “other expense and losses?

The holding of the court

It was found that no, Good Season Tire & Rubber Company was not in charge of the “other cost and losses in the Plaintiffs. Very good Year has not been obligated to pay the Plaintiffs as there was no agreement created for payment. The error that was discovered was bought to Good Year’s interest but the lawyers failed to agree on the correct sum.

What do you think?

I think great Year Wheels should pay out the Plaintiffs’ the correct volume from the parentages the tennis courts ordered them to pay. The Plaintiffs’ lawyers should have made certain they make a on their behalf as soon as the discrepancy was found. The emails and charts was a start nevertheless the best thing Creeks could have carried out was to follow up with Good Year’s attorneys. The very fact that they failed to follow up with all of them cost the Plaintiffs large amounts of money.


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