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Strengths and weaknesses of the functionalist approach to society Essay

Assess the strength and weaknesses with the functionalist approach to society. (33 marks) Functionalism sees society as a whole somewhat that in parts as it contains a macro-scale way of society. Which means that they observe society since an organic example which means they will see almost all institutions coming together as bodily organs do in a body. The organic example also demonstrates it is accustomed to sustain the entire body and world as a whole.

Because functionalism is macro-scale, it may miss vital groups and factors that are small including tribes and gypsies. The un-acknowledgment of these groups could leave sociologists lacking information and facts about the functions of society which might be seen as a weak spot. Middle He also commented on the program needs the two have just like nutrition and socialisation.

His analogy will help sociologists realize how to maintain contemporary society in a healthful way, which is seen as a strength of the functionalists approach. Parsons also determined four demands of contemporary society. He said society requirements adaptation to fulfill the material demands of society.

He likewise claimed that society requires goal achievement and this has been reached through national politics who work at improving world. Integration is usually identified as a purpose as it reveals how the several institutions come together to try and take out conflict. Dormancy is the previous of the recognized needs since it shows just how people manage problems simply by turning to corporations such as religious beliefs. Conclusion Additional criticisms of functionalism is the fact it clarifies effects prior to cause by claiming kids need to be socialised so the family exists, meaning that functionalisms is probably not used to explain society effectively. Marxists also say functionalist fail to make clear conflict and alter within world as it is displayed as harmonious.

Feminists and Marxists claim exploitation and inequality exist in many varieties and that functionalism failed to recognize this meaning the views are outdated, which will shows defects in their approach and is consequently a weakness. In conclusion, the functionalist procedure has many abilities and failings about societyГўs functions. Advantages include the basic explanation of requirements and features of world, while can be weaknesses will be that it doesnГўt acknowledge exploitation and inequality within just society.

So , overall, I see this like a balanced disagreement.

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