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Sona reaction paper essay

Your fourth annual Condition of the Land Address of President Benévolo Simeon “PNoy Aquino 3 was sent last Mon, July 22, 2013 in Batasang Pambansa Complex, Quezon City with its very well-known theme “Sa Gitna ng Daang Matuwid.  It started by exactly 5: 03pm and ended a few: 46pm. It takes almost one and a half hour to bring towards the public the longest SONA he had available gathering a total of 88 applauses coming from government officials and crucial personalities near your vicinity.

PNoy’s conversation was extremely comprehensive because it almost discussed all important concerns in our country and selection it further by using quantities and selected rates to prove the progressing economic system.

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He also confidently described his administration’s great accomplishments and successes on different facets of our society particularly the personal and financial aspects. Contained in his effective administration had been the program Pantawid ng Pamilyang Pilipino Software commonly known as the 4Ps, producing more TESDA scholars, real estate programs intended for informal settlers (main cause of flooding).

The President likewise mentioned the domination of his senatorial candidates in-may 2013 polls proving that he offers regained the trust with the Filipino people in the obama administration. He also made thankful remarks for the police officials with their superb acts and also other department assistants and prolonged his good remarks to the exemplary public servants. He finished his conversation by declaring he was happy to be a Filipino and it is wonderful to be a Filipino in these moments.

In my very own view towards the delivery of his speech, I was somewhat dismay seeing that we have noticed in his individual mouth highly “worded criticisms that struck other govt officials and agencies like the Bureau of Customs, Bureau of Migrants and National Irrigation Government which should not really be as they was a respectable individual within our society. This individual showed to folks how fearless he was to leave harsh words before the public without any basis.

Will be certainly only one cause of it, that may be, to uplift him towards the public and to cover his own particularité by talking about allegations to a few other representatives. Of course , it is very obvious that numerous government officials are accused of being dodgy officials which can be true therefore there’s no impression of saying it to the general public. That take action was simply worsening the of our region and that can not be a resolution to the deteriorating problems like low income, corruption and anomalies. Instead of criticizing authorities officials, the President need to focus on how you can improve even more our region and make himself an efficient leader to us Filipinos.

He must initial make the initial move to bring together with other government officials to make sure that they establish a better administration. The federal government is more likely to implement even more programs in case the officials and the people actively cooperate with each other. A house are unable to stand with just a item of wood alone, just like a state, it can not be reform by the President simply by himself, this individual needs the citizens to be able to form good governance also to promulgate laws and regulations to achieve financial and political change.

In answer to the end of more funds in the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) program, I’m not very much for because it has not been fair to boost budget. Many citizens who are part of the average class persons will not be spared using its benefits. This program may include likewise those undeserving citizens that will continuously end up being just with regards to the mercy with the government and definitely will never search for a job in any way. However , the SONA knowledgeable us with the different happenings in the federal government and the status of our country itself. And as citizens, we certainly have the right to know each and every detail of it.


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