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Bhavnath temple composition

Written Analysis and Communication-I Project – I actually Case Research “Bhavnath Temple” Submitted In: Submitted By simply: 16-07-2010 Arpit Dangayach Section-A Roll No . 101114 BUSINESS SUMMARY The problem is government’s dilemma to go with reduced or higher water tank capacity. Government’s objective should be to provide economic development. It wants to boost agricultural production and make higher revenues. Option 1, government might want to use lower reservoir capacity. Choice 2, government can go for larger reservoir ability.

Option several, government can go for reduced tank capacity. Choice 1 might save the temple.

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Profits would be received from farming and travel. In option 2, forehead would be immersed but larger production and revenues would be there. In option a few, lower development and earnings would be there but support of the villagers will be necessary for future growth. Word Count: 107 KEY REPORT The situation has been emerge post independence period of India. It covers the government’s plans to get all-around economic development. Inside the undivided

Bombay province a proposal was put forth by government to make dams through the rivers Lokmata and Sadmata in the upper part of Gujarat.

The dams were to have a capacity of 4700 , 000, 000 cu. ft. of drinking water and assist in irrigation of 92000 acres of area in three or more districts. The control numbers of dams were as mentioned in exhibit 1 . However building of the atteinte would result in submerging of 10500 acres of terrain belonging to some 20 neighborhoods. Therefore the govt also had the task of resettlement with the villagers and providing new sources of livelihood, thus adding direct price to the cost of constructing the dam.

However the government was determined about the feasibility of the task. However the control level of the dams will also lead to submergence of the temple of Bhavnath. It was an old serenidad which was considered highly holy and connected with Bhrugu Rishi. Also, the temple attracted many tourists at the twelve-monthly fair. Just for this reason the federal government faced hard opposition through the villagers. The federal government agreed to take steps to protect the temple. Even so the final proposal had a few changes produced like the new control amounts as mentioned in exhibit two, raised ability i.. 5700 million cu. ft. Yet this would result in complete submergence of the forehead and was inevitably hit with adamant level of resistance from the persons. Bombay was divided in 1960 and Gujarat was formed. The new government was keenly interested in the atteinte scheme nevertheless the opposition nonetheless persisted. ISSUE The central problem is the government’s problem to go with Program I or Plan 2. Plan I actually: The atteinte would be designed with control amounts as in demonstrate 1 . The capacity would be 4700 million cu. ft. The revenues made would be Rs. 15. 83 lakhs annually.

The temple would be saved from submergence and supplied with an all weather access. Plan II: The dam can be constructed with control levels just as exhibit installment payments on your The capacity will be 5700 mil cu. ft and larger revenues can be generated. The temple will be completely submerged. OBJECTIVES • Economic Advancement: The government really wants to go for more complex economic development and thus give better long term prospects intended for the nation. • Increase in Water sources Potential: The government wants to provide more place under water sources and thus generate higher income. Resettlement of Villagers: The us government has to shift the villagers to a fresh location and in addition provide them with supply of livelihood. • Protection of Temple: The federal government would not wish to damage the religious sentiments of the villagers simply by submerging the temple and thus affect their vote bank. OPTIONS 1 . The government may build the dams with reduced control levels as with exhibit 1 ) The capacity would be 4700 mil cu. foot and it could facilitate water sources of 92900 acres of land. This may help generate revenues of Rs. 15. 83 lakhs annually. installment payments on your

The government can easily build the dams with higher control levels just as exhibit 2 . The capacity can be 5700 million cu. ft and thus higher revenue technology. 3. The federal government can go with slight lowering of the water tank capacity we. e. beneath what was in the beginning proposed. As the villagers realise the potential benefits due to the dam, the us government can boost the reservoir ability by expanding laterally. ANALYSIS 1 . In the event the government goes with Option one particular, it would be able to protect the temple by submerging. This would also admiration the spiritual sentiments in the villagers.

Likewise, the government could cash in on the revenues made from the tourists arriving at the temple through the annual fair. The vote bank of the government would also be properly secured. Also there is lesser shifting of the villagers required. Nevertheless the reduced atteinte capacity would mean lower water sources potential and lower profits generated. 2 . If the authorities goes with Option 2, it could be able to boost the irrigation potential and thus create higher profits. It would likewise mean better economic creation for the village as well as the nation.

Yet , as it could imply submergence of the temple, there would be rigid resistance through the villagers. The federal government would also need to face the ire of opposition parties. This would in turn hurt their vote lender. Submergence of the temple could also quit the influx of the revenues generated through tourism. Right now there would end up being additional burden on the govt for moving of the villagers and organizing their way to obtain livelihood. three or more. If the government goes with Choice 3, they would be saving the brow from submergence.

There would also be smaller number of towns getting submerged. This would conserve the government costs of resettlement of the villagers. As there may be sufficient irrigation potential, the government can at a later date increase the water sources potential by expanding the reservoir side to side. However earnings generated will be less so would be gardening production. ACTION PLAN The government is going with Choice 1 . The dam would facilitate the irrigation of 92900 quadrat of land and generate annual earnings of Rs. 15. 83 lakhs.

The federal government would become able to gather the revenues generated through the tourists browsing temple. This plan would shield the serenidad from submergence. As a result the government’s actions would be viewed in good faith by the villagers as their spiritual sentiments would be taken care of. This course of action will also help the government in which to stay power. It might win them the support from nearby villages too.


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