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Smokers Can Cause Themselves Serious Health Problems Essay

Everyone has the choice of being a smoker or not really. The people who have choose to smoke cigarettes do so being aware of there is a risk of causing hazardous damage to themselves.

However , I do not completely agree that these people will have to pay more to get all the medical treatment they need. I believe there are many circumstances in which a medical problem is not related to whether a person smokes or perhaps not. In these cases, where a health problem has no relation to smoking, however believe that smokers should not be needed to pay more than any other people for medical treatment. The majority of car accidents, for instance , have no connection with smoking, and the people who are harmed ought to have similar medical help, regardless of the expense.

And how about the common flu it will not seem sensible to me which a smoker should have to pay more to get a doctor to get an illness everyone can contract. On the other hand, I agree that the smoker will need to pay more than a nonsmoker intended for the necessary treatment of any state which has been caused by smoking. The principle that individuals should take responsibility for their personal actions is an excellent one.

Therefore, if a person chooses to smoke knowing that this habit can cause significant health problems, in that case there is no reason the community or perhaps an insurance company should have to purchase medical treatment intended for an illness which may have been prevented. In many countries, cigarette packets have a clear caution that cigarette smoking can cause health problems and so zero smoker can easily claim not to know the threat. Lung cancers is sometimes a fatal disease and the treatment is both lengthy and expensive, in fact it is unfair intended for the smoker to expect a healthcare facility or the community to carry the cost.

In fact , it might also be argued that those who also smoke in public places should be asked to pay out extra because of the illness caused to passive smokers. To conclude, I feel that smokers should pay much more in cases linked to smoking, however for any other disease they should pay the same as someone else.

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