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Shakespeare bill comparing and contrasting hamlet

Christine Tirman

April 7th, 1999

Professor King

Article # 3

Comparing and Contrasting

Hamlet and MacBeth

Throughout William Shakespeares takes on Hamlet and Macbeth

there are many similarities, along numerous differences. These kinds of plays

are both Shakespearean tragedies, which often use great

happenings to conspiracy the readers interest, and consists of a hero that

contains a tragic downside. There are many relative and different

aspects in these takes on.

The beginning of Hamlet involves a supernatural, as does the

opening of Macbeth. In the first field the ghost of his father, King

Hamlet, approaches Hamlet. Similarly, the opening of Macbeth

involves three witches. Even though the witches can be seen by

anyone that they approach, the ghost of King Hamlet is only viewed by

Hamlet himself, and in one scene by Marcellus and Bernardo

Hamlets maids.

Similarly in both equally plays, the main characters will be

a bit suspicious of using the powers these types of supernatural statistics

possess. As the witches employ their noticeable powers to tell Macbeth the

foreseeable future, the ghosting of Ruler Hamlet tells Hamlet what has took place

currently. Hamlet declares in one of his soliloquies? The spirit that I possess

viewed / can be the devil? (2. 2 .

598-599). Macbeth even offers his uncertainties

mainly because when the werewolves tell him that he will be named Thane of

Cawder, Macbeth himself hadn’t known, but many people acquired. It is

possible the witches could have known. In the same subject in both equally

plays, the demonstration of the unnatural began to lead to the final

downfall of each and every of the character types.

In Macbeth, three witches

cause him to think and do evil actions. In Hamlet, if he previously not found

the ghost of his dad, he would not need known that Claudius features

slain his father to claim the throne. In both situations the heroes

offered into the nagging supernatural philosophy. And hence that they lost their particular


Other heroes in these plays show parallels in their plots.

The two plays have got a main persona that portrays the california king of that

country. In Hamlet, the King of Denmark, Claudius is immediately related

to Hamlet. He is his uncle, and also his moms new spouse.

However , in Macbeth the King of Scotland, Full Duncan, is not

directly related to the main figure. Both performs do yet , have

the main character killing off of the king to get the tub, which

ultimately ends in there personal death. Horatio, in Hamlet and Banquo

in Macbeth reveal the same loyalty to the main characters. In both

stories these kinds of friends will be more skeptical from the supernaturals compared to the

key characters themselves.

Within a meeting with the witches, Banquo

challenges them to? Speak then in my experience, who not beg nor fear /

The favours neither your hate? (1. 3. 60-61). In a scene in which Horatio

and Hamlet witness the ghost, Horatio tries to retain Hamlet via

using the ghost.

Having been even reluctant in the beginning scene to

go with Marcellus to hear about the ghost.

Some designs in the plays are also identical. The way the fact that

weeds and bouquets illustrate negative and positive in Hamlet is like the way

the birds do in Macbeth. This is also true in the fair and foul motif in

Macbeth plus the indirections topic in Hamlet.

In Macbeth, to the

strange sisters, precisely what is ugly is usually beautiful, and what is gorgeous is unattractive.

Throughout the play fair appearances cover foul realities. This motif has

a lot in accordance with the topic in Hamlet where the physical appearance

varies from the reality. In contrast, one of the main topics in

Macbeth is Manhood, although in Hamlet it is frailty, and more

specifically, the frailty of women.

It seems noticeable that William shakespeare used a powerful, similar history

line in these two tragedies. Seemingly Macbeth and Hamlet happen to be

similar stories in several ways. The two of these plays appear different

because of the variation in history lines, but in fact are extremely similar because of

towards the parallel heroes and topics.

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