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Self reflection composing the proposal annotated

Excerpt from Annotated Bibliography:


Producing the proposal, annotated bibliography, and analysis argument in overfishing inside the Pacific Ocean continues to be an exciting and challenging procedure. The exciting areas of this task originate from the lessons and skills I have gained about the topic and conducting analysis. This task has also provided me personally with a new point of view regarding the difficulty of overfishing across the globe, especially in the Pacific Ocean. However, this process has additionally had many complexities including the scarcity of previous researches that have been carried out regarding the issue. Most of the recorded aspects around the issue of overfishing quite simply focus on the effect of the concern on Pacific island countries from an economic perspective. Therefore, it was tough to find methods that particularly address the situation in light of its increased practice in the Pacific Ocean.

Learned Experiences:

The process of writing a great annotated bibliography, proposal, and research discussion on the issue of overfishing in the Gulf of mexico has enabled me to understand some encounters. These encounters have especially involved the required strengths and endured problems in addressing an issue with such value. Some of the major aspects of any potential problems I have discovered in this procedure include #8230;

In-Depth Examination:

In-depth research is the main strength I use required included in the learning encounters in the process of writing the papers. This strength features mainly recently been contributed by fact that the condition of overfishing in the Gulf of mexico has not been reviewed by many research workers in the past. The scarcity of such assets contributed to the necessity to conduct a thorough evaluation and analysis in the issue of overfishing worldwide and in the Pacific island destinations in order to attain insights for the extent and effect of the problem in the Gulf of mexico. Actually, with no ability to conduct an specific analysis around the topic, it will be very difficult to formulate a research article on the concern and be familiar with magnitude from the problem.

The process of carrying out an in-depth evaluation has basically involved determining previous resources on the global trend of overfishing in past times few decades. It was followed by the identification of studies that focus on the matter across the Pacific cycles island. The studies within the global craze of overfishing in the past five decades have provided an understanding of the enhance of overfishing in the Pacific Ocean. On the other hand, research on the concern across the Pacific cycles island possess helped understand the level of this practice in the Gulf of mexico. Moreover, the studies had been instrumental in providing observations on the effects of the practice on the Pacific island international locations and across the globe. Through specific analysis of these studies, I have also been able to identifying the actual measures and solutions for addressing the issue.

Scarcity of Resources:

On the contrary, the learning experience while writing the paperwork has involved a major challenge of finding previous studies conducted on this concern. As mentioned earlier on, many experts have only examined the challenge of overfishing from a global perspective and from its practice in the Pacific cycles island region. Actually, I could only discover one analysis article that focused on the situation of overfishing in the Pacific Ocean specifically. However , the article would not address the problem exhaustively, which in turn resulted in the need to incorporate different studies that were related to the subject.

Research Concerns and Difficulties:

While reviewing the issue of overfishing in the Gulf of mexico, there were two major study problems and complexities emanating from the struggles and problems I had to endure along the way.

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