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Scientific technique and the stone tape scientific

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Clinical Method and “The Rock Tape”

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Medical Method and the Stone Tape

The technological method is a procedure that was created over hundreds of years to organize things in the types of procedures of clinical investigations. These steps were designed so that the results gathered by scientists will be considered to be verifiable and repeatable, and therefore appropriate. By using the scientific method, experts use findings and speculation, in order to forecast the outcome of an experiment, after that conduct that experiment and draw a conclusion from the findings of the experiment. (“Understanding and Using the Clinical Method”) Quite simply, the technological method sees something, hypothesizes about it, testing that speculation through experimentation, and pull conclusions by those experimental results. It is used because it demands rigid adherence to the steps, and therefore the results can be accepted as real and conclusive. Yet , many scientists do not usually follow the medical method, also because of this the results with their science is often flawed. One example of scientists not sticking with the steps from the scientific method can be found in the 1972 BASSE CONSOMMATION broadcast entitled The Rock Tape, which involves the story of the group of imaginary scientists who investigate and experiment paranormal activities inside the hope of discovering a brand new recording medium. (BBC)

Nigel Kneale, in the The Rock Tape, in fact expands by using an idea first postulated by a Cambridge archaeologist T. C. Lethbridge who have theorized the “physical environment acting like a recording medium for primitive emotions. ” (Green) Inside the story a team of scientists were using a historical building in their research whenever they observed the sounds of screams. In the beginning they hypothesized they were the sounds of ghosts, nevertheless a night of experimentation dispelled that incorrect belief. It really is afterward the scientists in that case put forward the hypothesis the fact that sounds were recordings from the inside the pebbles of the building itself which acted since an “organic recording channel which could play directly to biochemical receptors inside the brain. ” (Green) To be able to test this kind of hypothesis, the scientists used all sorts of electronic recording equipment in order to record the sound that they “heard, ” but to zero avail. And while one investigator claimed to find messages left inside the history noise in the recordings, the project is usually ultimately finished.

At first when the scientists “heard” the sound of screams, that they observed a

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