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Real world case studies term paper

Excerpt via Term Conventional paper:

Real-life Case Studies

#1 The MarketSite and BuySite applications represent a collaborative on the web commerce environment from Trade One for purchasing and selling. MarketSite is known as a portal for exchanging goods and services on the Business One Global. MarketSite enables buyers, suppliers and net market creators conduct business, source new products and services, create fresh sales programs and access industry-specific info. BuySite is definitely an electronic purchase application that automates the goods and services procurement method.

#2 Buying power or selling electricity most likely encouraged Eastman to begin with purchasing. Eastman Chemical makes and market segments more than one particular, 200 chemical substances, fibers and plastics items, meaning that it is selling power is highly given away. Thus, a sell-side effort in electric commerce will be more complex, needing the ability to attract world-wide consumers from a large number of industries. But , with 2002 revenues of $5. several billion the company has amazing buying power, meaning that vendors are more than happy to cater to the needs of the firm.

#3 Customarily, sales reps conduct extra inventory product sales over the telephone, calling clients and providing products in a certain selling price. If no customer approved the give, the agent lowered the purchase price and started calling clients all over again. This technique is labor intensive, costly besides making it difficult to evaluate the market benefit of inventory. Moai’s LiveExchange Enterprise solution provided on the net capabilities and features to facilitate powerful commerce, the buying and selling info, goods and services through flexible costs models that change as market aspect change, enabling real-time industry pricing. LiveExchange capabilities consist of auctions, change auctions and online discussions.

#4 Eastman Chemical could benefit from by least two other Commerce One items. The initially would be the Business One Collaborative Platform that facilitates larger degrees of business process automation through work flow and application links. This product gives business procedure management, buyer-and-supplier transaction management, enterprise program integration and B2B incorporation. The second would be Commerce A person’s XML Common Business Library, an industry-standard set of XML building blocks and a record framework that provides open the usage with buying and selling applications. Although not clear, Eastman may have also benefited coming from Commerce A person’s payment solutions and could have become with Trade One Source instead of Moai’s LiveExchange. Trade One Source offers reverse auctions; needs for information, proposal, and quote; bid packaging; negotiating; estimate analysis; situation tools; computer software for evaluating supplier overall performance; and confirming on spending and performance by individual items and suppliers.

#1 The two major important success elements are the fact that exchange deliver superior customer care and decrease transactions costs for both shippers and carriers. Considering the fact that participants, companies and buyers, are opponents, Global Travel Network required a trusted, other

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