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Runner Analytical Essay Essay

Article topic: Runner shows that although the world may be harsh and miserable, you will discover good people out there who produce life useful. Runner, by simply Robert Newton, is set inside the slums of Richmond 1919 and also were the home from the infamous hoodlum, Squizzy The singer.

The story is about a 16 year old boy called Charlie Feehan, who is trying to survive in a cruel and depressing globe. Although his life is hard, kindness and love remain shown through the actions of men and women such as his two others who live nearby Mr and Mrs Redmond who worry about him. Charlie lives in a time where lower income seems to influence everyone. With all the support of his family, his nearby neighbours and his best friend Norman, Steve begins tho think that existence might not be too bad after all. Charlie’s family is going through and extremely rough time.

After his father’s death from your Spanish Flu, Charlie great family taking their main source of income. Charlie daddy once told him Whatever you dofind yerself a girl who can dance. (p. 127) Steve is lucky enough to find Alice, a girl who are able to dance with him. Even though Charlie’s is very poor, the relationships that he’s created with Alice, Nostrils and the Redmond’s continue to keep him content and strong. For the indegent, survival inside the working course slums of Richmond, 1919 was incredibly difficult because there was simply no government assistance.

Each day, Charlie and his relatives struggled to help make the most out of measly pickings. Life was very difficult for Charlie, although through the help and confidence of his friends and family, this individual has found a way to be cheerful. The desolate world that Charlie hails from hasn’t afflicted him. The only things that matter to him would be the people he can constantly surrounded by such as, his best friend Grettle and Alice. Although Charlie’s father drops dead and leaves his family in lower income, he, his mother and baby brother are cared for by their nearby neighbours who value them.

Using Mr Redmond, Charlie causes it to be to Ballarat, where he competes in a running race and gambles all his funds, in looking to gain economic security for his family. That risky chance pays off for him and Charlie’s is able to live comfortably once again. The world could have been horrible and miserable, but as long since Charlie experienced his friends and family he was content material.

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