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Comparison of Religions: Judaism versus Christianity Essay

There are numerous differences between Judaism and Christianity and a few of these would be the following: First of all, when it comes to what is technically known as their related “religious texts”, followers of Judaism make use of “Tanakh” and also the “Jewish Bible” while devotees of Christianity make use of the “Old Testament”, as well as, the “New Testament” (The Differences among Judaism and Christianity n. p. ). Second, regarding other crafted forms which can be considered “authority”, followers of Judaism have confidence in the “Talmud”, as well as, “halakhah” (The Distinctions between Judaism and Christianity n. g. ). Alternatively, devotees of Christianity spend respect to documents published by “priests, church local authorities, ecumenical creeds, papal decrees, as well as, the canon law” (Comparison of Christianity and Judaism in. a. ). Third, enthusiasts of Judaism consider God’s nature while “one element, one person” (Comparison of Christianity and Judaism n. a. ). Comparing this kind of to what the devotees of Christianity which in turn sees the size of God while having just “one substance but 3 persons” (Comparison of Christianity and Judaism n. a. ). 4th, Judaism’ followers see Jesus as a “false prophet” whilst Christian supporters consider him as the “only Child of God who saved the whole world” (Comparison of Christianity and Judaism in. a. ). Last but not least, fans of Judaism never supported the “resurrection of Jesus” as well as, “his second coming” while supporters of Christianity believe normally (Comparison of Christianity and Judaism n. a. ). Works Cited Comparison of Christianity and Judaism. 2008. in. a. 12-15 April 2008. http://www. religionfacts. com/christianity/charts/christianity_judaism. htm The Differences among Judaism and Christianity. in. d. n. a. 15 April 08. http://www. convert. org/differ. htm

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