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Romeo and juliet victims of fate or perhaps choice

Romeo and Juliet are not victims of fate: numerous people believe, but rather were two lovers that made horrible choices. After i was a tiny kid; My spouse and i often times noticed the love among a boy and a girl referred to as Romeo and Juliet. We would always want to myself that I wanted to end up being just like these people some day. Even so as I grew up and actually see the story and was old enough to understand the events that really occurred: We begin to realize that this tale wasn’t quite the love story that I thought it was; in fact it absolutely was more of a disaster.

I also begin to realize that the few that I once idolized; were in fact somewhat foolish. That they made several bad options that were energetic and not well thought out. Although many people would argue that fate helped bring them to their very own demise; I actually disagree; as the definition of fate is a development of events outside someone’s control, regarded as determined by a supernatural electric power.

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I think that many in the decisions that they can made had been within their control; and that all those choices eventually were the main cause of their untimely deaths. From the very beginning from the play Romeo is seen making very negative choices, he was heartbroken more than Rosaline who also did not take pleasure in him back and he chose to attend a ball hosted by the feuding family the Capulet’s- although he was not really invited: simply to see her. This was certainly a huge risk because if perhaps someone would possess noticed him under his disguise it might have had enormous consequences. At the ball he unexpectedly complies with Juliet. This individual immediately falls in love with her. From this scene, it is clear that he acts rather impulsively. He joined the ball claiming to become in love with Rosaline; however when he leaves he is professing his take pleasure in for Juliet. It is at this time that this individual questions regardless of whether he actually loved Rosaline in the first place saying “Did my heart take pleasure in till today? forswear this, sight! Intended for I ne’er saw accurate beauty until this nighttime.  (1. 5. 53)

When Juliet and Romeo meet up again, they make ideas to wed. They decide that their particular love is indeed strong that they must be destined to be collectively. Romeo goes right away to seek the guidance of Friar Laurence and to ask him to marry him and Juliet. They were doing not inform their families or anyone else about this. The Friar tries to notify Romeo to use caution in moving therefore fast in to love with Juliet; when he reminded him that having been just fond of Rosaline by

declaring “Holy St Francis, what a change is here now! Is Rosaline, whom thou didst appreciate so dear, So shortly forsaken? (2. 3. 65-67). However , with Romeo’s tenacity he decided to marry all of them anyway. In fact Romeo sneaks away and spends the night time with Juliet for their wedding party night. Both lovers now show they have similar character traits: Juliet is also like Romeo in that she is impulsive and a risk taker: Your woman weds Romeo without her parent’s permission; knowing that she’s to be wed to Rome soon and she permits Romeo may arise to her bedroom to spend their very own wedding nighttime: ignoring the risk of probably being trapped by her parents. Romeo encounters a situation in which he finds him self in the middle of a fight between his closest friend Mercutio and Tybalt. He knows that this individual can’t fight Tybalt because he is get married to to Juliet at this point; making the two of them members of the family. Mercutio and Tybalt begin to fight; and Romeo stages in between them to avoid it. Nevertheless , Tybalt stabs Mercutio below Romeo’s provide. Romeo in that case attacks Tybalt and kills him. Romeo in this picture indicates that he is a victim of fate by simply stating “O, I am Fortune’s trick!  (3. 1 . 133) However , it was no fate. Romeo was clearly performing out of rage as a result of his best friend’s loss of life and made the choice to take living of Tybalt; Juliet’s relative in payback.

Juliet upon learning what happened to her hubby immediately pushes to Friar Laurence requesting his help; insisting she’d rather pass away than get married to Paris. “O, bid myself leap, rather than marry Paris.  (4. 1 . 77) Friar Laurence assisted her by giving her a potion that would help to make her seem dead for a short time. “No warmth, no breath shall testify thou livest; The roses in thy lip area and cheeks shall fade to wanny ashes.  (4. 1 . 98-100) He can to get the concept to Romeo in Mantua. Juliet at the same time makes the decision to follow through with the prepare, thus faking her personal death. Her family is devastated to find her dead. Now in the history, you can see exactly how cunning of a character Juliet can be. She has deceived her parents in many times with this point is usually even willing to cause all of them great grief and sorrow in order to be with Romeo. Romeo away in Mantua; hardly ever got the message regarding Juliet’s designed death; since the Friar that was to offer the message was stricken with illness for a few days. By the time he learned of her death this individual rushed to her side to verify if it was the case. Upon finding

Juliet’s lifeless physique; he made the abrupt decision to destroy his do it yourself. Juliet awakens shortly after to look for Romeo useless and right away decides to consider her life in her own hands to be with him. “O happy dagger, as well as This is thy sheath,  (5. three or more. 171) and she stabs herself to death. In conclusion; the couple both produce a lot of quick decisions and plainly have poor judgment. That they felt very strongly that they were most likely going to be jointly and they were willing to go to any intense lengths, actually death to be with each other. Nevertheless , fate did not play a part through this story. I truly believe if they had made better decisions rather than acted impulsively this would not be the tragic like story we all know and love today.


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