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Rodriguez’s Success: Diamond Grading Certificate Essay

1 . What factors do you think have written for Rodriguez’s success? Was this individual merely “in the right place at the most fortunate time, ” and/or there qualities about him that contribute to his success? The factors that contributed to Rodriguez’s success could come from the two luck becoming “in the best place on the right time” and a lot of other characteristics that contributed to his success.

The luck took place when his friend’s sweetheart suggested he take a job at a jewelry store, which has been something Oscar never regarded doing before. His eagerness to move to America shows that he is very motivated and an committed man, likely to college was the first step this individual took that lead him to his success. Eventually being a jeweler was not enough for him. The Businessman in him made him decide he no longer wanted to work for another individual.

This is when this individual obtained his Diamond Grading certificate after graduating from college or university. By doing work at a nearby jewelry store, Rodriguez gained knowledge of diamonds and he employed this information that he discovered and the resources he had as the middle man among diamond distributers and jewelers. Even after he was informed that offering diamonds on the net would never job, he even now worked hard and completed his goals with his aspirations, the characteristic to never give up things wonderful ability to absorb detail helped him be successful. 2 . How do you believe Rodriguez would report on the Big five dimensions of individuality? Which ones would he rating high on?

Which ones might he score low on? Apparently Oscar scores high on all five amount Big five dimensions of personality. He is the perfect unit for the term “The Diamonds personality”. Expansion: Rodriguez knew how to talk to people and was extremely sociable. He would fall extremely high on this scale.

He seems to be quite comfortable when working with other people and knows what he wants and will go after that. He has got the perception of being very out bound. Agreeableness: He’d fall high on this range. He would need to be cooperative, nice, and relying, He gets along with individuals.

Good natured. Conscientiousness: He can responsible, structured, dependable, and persistent. Trust, responsibility and self confidence were the only criteria the fact that business prospered and he still depends on those standards. He is perfectly aware of his surroundings. Emotional Stability: To make the decision to maneuver to America and join college to learn something new says that he’s emotionally stable.

To be able to make a business, stakeholders and distributers you have to be do it yourself confident and secure. These are generally key elements of somebody that contains and displays the skills for emotional steadiness. Openness to have: Oscar kept his house and all this individual knew to venture to America in which he enrolled in university and discovered English. Intended for him to a world unfamiliar to him and is handled in a diverse language than his native tongue would suggest he includes a lot of Openness to new experiences which is highly flexible to change.

3. ) Do you believe that Rodriguez is large or low on core self- analysis? On what information performed you basic your decision? We feel that Rodriguez is high on core self-evaluation because he arranged his goals and never looked back. He is in a position and effective.

He was in control of his environment and proved helpful hard. After working hard and receiving his Expensive diamonds and Diamond jewelry Grading recognition from the Gemological Institute of America, this individual realized that he wasn’t pleased with his progress; that having been not going to accomplish much up and previously mentioned regular earnings increase; this kind of drove him to open his own organization. Also, following being suggested by the dominant dealer that, “You are not able to sell diamonds on the Internet, you will not endure. ” Oscar still presumed that he can and proceeded to follow his fantasy.

Every goal he ever set he achieved and never doubted that he wouldn’t. 4. ) What info on Rodriguez shows that he provides a proactive persona? He has a proactive personality because when he sees opportunity he gets on it. He takes actions until his goal has been achieved. He said “I quickly realized that working right now there; I was merely going to obtain a salary with a raise every now and then.

I would never become anything. That went me to learn other business ventures. I as well came to genuinely know diamonds—their pricing and the quality. ” He chooses changes should be made and he uses his suggestions and all his resources to own goals he set forth intended for himself.

This kind of tells me that he has a proactive character. He set the following aim or dream has been attained.

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