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Syriana and Successive Marxist Theory Essay

Stanley Aronowitz and William Difazio’s work on modern day Marxist theory following and analyzing Fordism views of labor as a means to exploit and control staff is very interesting when put on the film, Syriana. Their ideas illuminate the issues with Fordism (referring to Henry Ford’s method of car production) as well as its technological effects on power over both personnel and their time.

Creating endless work through technology and its reach beyond the workplace (cell cell phones, internet, etc) and, also, alienation from the social procedures outside of work, such as inside the family and community are component to this Marxist theory. Their very own idea, also, points to Capitalism used to exploit people, by using a dogma or perhaps ideology in the need to perform this meaningless and endless operate. Aronowitz and DiFazio believe that when folks are free coming from a menial, controlled, and exploitative environment, then just then will they be liberal to become portion of the social techniques outside of work and in the people all over the world around them.

The exploitation of all main personas in Syriana, through their particular various jobs and the contrasting roles of other users of their friends and family, who had more time to play is central to this thesis. There have been four dyads that should be highlighted throughout the film to make this time. When ever freed from worthless work, a number of roles can be seen, when used by it we can see opposite functions. George Clooney’s character Bobby is an example of a worker, who had been exploited by simply his employer (the United states of america CIA). His job existence consisted of regularly working for this kind of organization with a mention from of his former co-office workers that he has been used and this individual probably never even understood why.

This individual states that he did not need to know. He is utilized as a fall guy for this organization for the operation moves awry. This fermage is an example of what can occur when a worker is constantly in opposition from other processes occurring around him. His son, in comparison, shows interest in playing, in going to college, rowing, and in girls.

He claims to actually want a normal existence, the opposite of what his father features. However in the end, the moment Bobby is under exploration and liberal to make his own alternatives, he selects to do what he feels is right in saving a prince that is to be assassinated. Only if he is totally free of his exploiters, can this individual be liberated to make his own options. Another dyad is that of Bryan (Matt Damon’s character) great son Max.

Bryan is an energy analyst and, through Aronowitz and DiFazio’s idea of countless work, Bryan is asked to and agrees to focusing on his son’s birthday. While Bryan is working, the family is playing, and this in a very strong point to this thesis, proves fatal. His son is definitely killed in an accident, caused by technology and its particular imperfection.

If it were not to get both technology and unlimited work, the son, Max would still be alive. In an interesting twist to this, Bryan goes on to work as a great advisor for the same visionary royal prince that Bobby tries to save. Once Bryan is usually freed from his analyst work, he procedes work for this visionary in an attempt to help replace the world for the best. Bryan mentions the slow pace of the Persian people and how all their work ethic appears different and slower.

He recognizes this being a sharp comparison to his position that led him to limitless work great son’s death. Two additional dyads must be examined that is certainly of Bennett the attorney for a powerful oil company and his daddy and that of any Pakistani, whom calls himself Johnny and his father. Both of these dads are out of work and have additional time to think and play.

Bennett usually spends so much time working that he are unable to see the injury he is undertaking, though his father features time to think and beverage (excessively) and he disagrees with his son’s work. This displays the gloomy of joblessness and disengagement with detrimental life, that may occur in the event one will not apply themselves to utilizing their capabilities. Bennett’s father will show his son adverse attention, which is all he can do. Similarly, Johnny desires funds to bring his mother to be along with his father and he. The father is usually shown playing and savoring the freedom by meaningless job, while Johnny searches for some thing meaningful.

In a bad twist to the Johnny can be recruited and exploited to become a suicide bomber and then his life does have meaning, however it is in his death. Without this kind of dogma in the meaning of and the requirement for commodities, these types of dyads would not be thus complicated. Work and the idea of meaningful work sets a rift in these family members and causes interpersonal disease (alcoholism and spiritual extremism).

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