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Report On the Interview With Mtcp Participant Essay

Last Wednesday, twenty-three July 20003, I had an interview with one of the MTCP members from Zimbabwe.

We began our dialogue at being unfaithful. 21 pm hours. The conversation took about 2 hours to end and it absolutely was held in 7th Stop where each of the participants reside. Firstly, I had some ice-breaking session with him. My spouse and i introduced me to him and after informing him why I need to interview him, using the to bring in himself.

His name is Mister. Bernard, fantastic surname can be Sitete. This individual came from Mvuma, zimbabwe, South Africa. He work as an English lecturer for Nyadire Professors College, Mvuma, zimbabwe.

He was committed with 1 wife and two children. His wife act as a tutor at among the secondary universities there. Mvuma, zimbabwe has two ethnic group.

The majority cultural is Shona which are made up 80% with the population. The other ethnic group is usually Ndebele which will came from South Africa to Mvuma, zimbabwe. Their official language can be Shona, nevertheless there are some dialect that were used by people in a few area. Their very own official faith is Christian, but they choose to use their own religion called Traditional African Religion. Traditional African Religious beliefs is give up the same with Christian.

However there are certain parts that show the major distinct with Christian. For Christian, they believe in Jesus Christ however for Traditional Africa Religion, they don’t use Christ asking for a thing and to arrive at god. They use their own ancestors and forefathers to ask for also to get to goodness.

The religious beliefs belief in a single god. So they can get to the almighty, they must proceed through their ancestors and forefathers. In their society, ancestors enjoy big roles. To get through their very own ancestors, they should do some ceremony as their means of praying.

Inside the ceremony, they need to do hand in hand beer (made from classic crops) consuming, dancing with certain steps, play piles, and so on. This ceremony was done to guarantee their continuous contact with their particular ancestors. They certainly have their traditional costumes referred to as Nhembe. They will wear brain dress, such as a hat which will made with feather and animal skins.

Their body clothing was made with animal coverings such as leopard, lion, gambling, cheetah, etc. They do not have on any sneakers. But now, that they only make use of the traditional costumes when doing a few traditional dance, festivals and ceremony.

At present, they use modern day clothing just like T-shirt, Jeans and so on. They likewise have their own taboos. They can’t have sex using their own mom, daughter, sibling and any person who have blood relationship. In addition they cannot overcome their parents at all. In the event that they do so , when their particular parents died, their heart will bother them till all of their family members died.

Similar case took place when they killed any human being. It is because, they believe that when one person died, all their soul will stay alive and will haunt anyone who wiped out him or her. They also must admiration the fatal. They cannot show finger to the grave cause it will trigger the heart of the fatal will get furious and they will end up being cursed.

They can not marry in October cause this is the dead month’. In the event they get married in this month, their marriage will not previous and they will obtain misfortune. They also cannot include a bath in some area where they thought that there are mermaids. The mermaids will take the persons.

This individual also told me about the marriage traditions. When they looked to 13 years old, they reach their maturity. So , they can get married. The woman has to visit the man’s family members to ask those to propose her. After that, the man’s relatives will suggest the woman is to do some agreements about the marriage and also the Lobola; also known as Dowry.

The lobola can be some money money or perhaps goats or perhaps sheep or anything else that was agreed by the two families. The reason why of marriage are to hook up two family members. So , they don’t mind if perhaps they cannot pay out much for the lobola.

The man may also borrow from over. But after marriage, the person has to spend the debt. In case the debt can not be paid right up until his wife die, the corpse may not be buried. Thus he needs to pay the debt first. Inside the society, they were allowed to polygamy, but the legislation banned polygamy.

They have to register their matrimony at the the courtroom but they also could get married typically. As in other ethnic tradition, they also have their particular festivals. Being a Christian fans, the celebrate Easter and Christmas. All their way of celebration is the same with any other put in place the world. There is also their Rain Making Ceremony to ask for rain.

They must start a dance to request the rainwater with their ancestors and forefathers. They also have their particular kind of Harvest Celebration. The celebration should be done in the kitchen. That symbolized their very own grateful with their ancestors intended for giving very good harvest to them. Their very own traditional food is Sadza.

Sadza is actually a maize food. It cooked like porridge until it become quite heavy. They eat Sadza which includes curry etc. They also take in rice.

Nevertheless they eat that in activities such as wedding ceremony, birthday etc. Lastly, he told me that he just like Malaysia. Malaysia is a wonderful country.

It is very clean with many interesting structures such as Petronas Twin Tower, Kuala Lumpur Tower, Telekom Tower and many other. This country also has many attractions. For him, the weather is too hot, but he likes this.

The chat ended after two hours. Before We left, all of us shared the address to remain in touch with him.

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