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Reflective Journal on Ethical Issues for Case Studies Essay

Because nurses, we come across ethical circumstances everyday regarding patient attention. How we handle these conditions promote equal rights while in search of rationality. After reading both case studies presented, Let me discuss in my reflective log how the honest issues were presented, things taken in the decision-making procedure to ethically address the problems, the lenses used and how these kinds of lenses affected the decisions made, and also how these can relate to businesses.

The Baird Decision Unit is a five step procedure that manuals us through that decision-making process when making ethical decisions. The steps consist of, being attentive to what is going on, being brilliant, reasonable, liable, and reflecting. In the initial case simulation, Rachel a sixteen year old is the birth of her initial child. The ethical issues presented are that she actually is a minor, mother and father are requesting nominal medications during delivery, plus the situation may gradually aggravate at any minute.

The decision-making process entails deciding that is highly afflicted from the results of the decisions made by the parents and health care staff. After that, the use of the Rights/Responsibility lens were used to help to make my decisions. Based on these lenses, you have to recognize the duties since caregiver. We as nurses must always adhere to rules and policies.

By advocating intended for the patient, holiday accommodation of parents doing harm to her can be not a good choice. The best care possible must be given to prevent harm to Rachel or perhaps the baby. Simply by informing the fogeys of any kind of risks and benefits regarding Rachel’s care, this allows them to make helpful decisions.

In this process, the fogeys values are maintained as well as the patient will get effective treatment. By using these lenses, the nurse is additionally trusted to supply safe attention to the individual and safe delivery for the newborn without pointless pain. My personal decision was influenced by these improved lenses because that they help determine the value of the stakeholders as well as the impact this made.

In my workplace, concepts from this condition would support because we come across patients who also are those under 18 and patients who have relative with control over their plan of treatment, such as a POA, or power of attorney. This would guide us toward the right direction for rendering safe and competent attention, respecting the wishes in the patient, and preventing damage. In the second case simulation, Allen was brought to the ER simply by his same sex household partner, Yves. The honest issues shown are as follows, Allen has remained unconscious in ICU without a diagnosis for almost a day and Yves has become prevented from visiting him in ICU by the change supervisor, every policy. Yves has shown minimal proof that they will be actual domestic partners.

The situation remains tips on how to best insure access to get gay partners of Seva’s patients on equal ground with straight couples. The decision-making method involves discovering the basic privileges and liberties. These legal rights are the following, the right to detect or know very well what the rules entail, the right to tone or reveal concerns, and the right to include agreements honored and not change at any offered moment. The contacts used in the case are Relationship/Reputation lenses.

The partnership lens determines fairness by using authority correctly. The reputation lens kinds through the trouble and preserves one’s standard liberties. These lenses affected my decision because I practice fairness regardless of who also you will be. The best option to satisfy the requirements of both contacts for me would be to leave an email on Allen’s chart the policy had not been being implemented and Yves is getting usage of visit Allen.

We have to be mindful because there is a skinny line that may easily cross into discrimination which situations regarding same sex couples. We would want to maintain each of our integrity with all the community when it comes to similar scenarios but as well abide by what the law states concerning relieve of sufferer information. The concepts from this simulation connect with the workplace each day. As we care for our people, visitors arrive and disappear around the clock. Many visitors inquire regarding the patient’s status.

It can be our work to provide safe care and preserve the patient’s directly to privacy. HIPAA is governed by point out laws. It is just a privacy regulation that assures the safety and confidentiality of health information.?nternet site encourage visiting, I also remind guests of individual privacy relating to their overall health records.

To be able we continue taking care of individuals, we must manage diversity, symbolize company beliefs, and practice fairness.

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