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Ethical Dilemma Essay

What Dr . Schneider does by putting crowns upon teeth that might be treated with two area amalgams is usually unethical. It truly is obvious that she is doing this to increase revenues during a downturn in her financial condition associated with her divorce. Two area amalgams have a long history for use for fillings for decayed parts of teeth and for general maintenance of chipped or damaged teeth.

Although its 2 declining inside the U. S i9000. it remains to be the highly recommended for posterior direct restorations. (1) Additional bonding techniques are now being utilized by dentists rather than two area amalgams which might be gaining in popularity for esthetic causes and because each uses no poisonous metals such as mercury. To crown a tooth needs a dentist to grind aside all of the teeth enamel of the tooth so a crown may be put on the staying dentine coating of the tooth. This procedure is definitely six to seven times more expensive than two surface amalgams or other developing techniques to repair teeth.

A general rule in dentistry is the fact you maintain as much enamel on a the teeth as possible. So Dr . Schneider is not only carrying out a procedure that is unnecessary and expensive nevertheless is detrimental to the patient just because a tooth’s enameled surface is being destroyed needlessly. Sharon should talk about this with Dr . Schneider and tell her that this incorrect, unethical and never in the needs of the patient. If Dr . Schneider persists in this underhanded practice after that Sharon will need to threaten to resign and report Doctor Schneider for the American Dental Association and appropriate point out licensing brokers. (1) http://www. bethesda. med. navy. mil/careers/postgraduate_dental_school/comprehensive_dentistry/Pearls/Pearlsc6. htm

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