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Program Design and Narrative Essay

To achieve the objectives for our Healthy Pomona Kids Partnership program, the town of Pomona will make use of the methods outlined below.

These methods had been proven effective by Healthy RADIO CONTROLLED Kids Relationship for the city of Hacienda Cucamonga, where their client population is Latino. Staff from this business assisted in the development of this kind of project and we have also presented an in depth timeline to this proposal. Objective 1 Ensure that children from low income families have access to refreshing and nourishing foods in before and after school programs. Healthy Pomona Youngsters Partnership will hire an application supervisor and two fulltime bilingual software assistants to establish a community outreach committee.

Appoint four community outreach panel leaders which have been culturally competent, with a pair of the frontrunners needing to always be bilingual. Staff will develop an idea for regional farmers market segments and community gardens. Aim Two Inform families within the importance of great eating habits and the dangers or perhaps risks associated with childhood overweight; to promote healthy eating and reduce childhood unhealthy weight.

Staff can coordinate each week health classes to educate and promote healthy living. Staff will establish a formal reviews system so voices and concerns can be heard. Staff will track participant’s progress on a weekly basis. Target Three Employ community leaders and local law enforcement officials to help home feel more secure in their community to encourage exercise.

Staff will develop group walks inside the community to meet three times per week. Encourage community leaders to generate walking trails. Meet with local educational institutions to educate college students about the advantages of exercise.

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