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Pow avoid course of action assessment essay

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Military Making decisions Process

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You are the S-3 of the 6th Ranger Battalion conducting quest analysis upon 27 January 1945 at the Ranger basic camp in Calasiao within the Lingayen Gulf of mexico. Provide a total movement approximate that LTC Mucci wonderful staff would use to develop plans and analyze different courses of action. Although you could have the benefit of hindsight, write the running calculate as you would have on twenty seven Jan (in the present or perhaps future tense) rather than while an AAR in the past anxious. Although there couple of guides and formats into a generic estimation, as well as a test medical approximate included with this examination, you can modify those formats or perhaps develop that you help you present your evaluation to LTC Mucci. The movement approximate should include, but is not limited to:

Time available to conduct the operation before the Western decide to push or killing the POWs, and how enough time to set aside to preparing, preparation and execution.

Maintaining secrecy in varied terrain during nighttime and daytime operations.

The proper balance of speed and security.

The optimum time of time to trigger actions around the objective.

The anticipated distances covered by, time required to, and rates of motion for:

the Ranger progress to the POW Camp

activities on the objective

the activity of Rangers former POWs and sixth Army into a link-up level

Japanese counterattacks.

How Filipino civilians and guerrillas, and also the U. T. Army Corps troops can help speed up friendly forces or slow down enemy forces.


a. Specialized niche

The situation in front of you places the Rangers in a unique situation to carry out rescue businesses at the prisoner of battle camp inside the Philippines called Cabanatuan. The size of this relief operation considers the fact that Japanese have taken over this island from your native Korea and have tried it to conduct military businesses. The penitentiary, or concentrate on location is found within an region that is free from vegetation. The prison camp is softly guarded and is also used as a transient place for foe troops.

w. Characteristics from the AO

– Terrain

The terrain is extremely flat and open. Very little vegetation is available providing lowest cover and concealment. If perhaps any by any means.


The elements for the 29 January is hot and damp and very common for this new world environment. Direct sunlight will rise very early on near six AM and set late around 9 PM. The Celestial body overhead will provide almost 100% brightness for the next a few days warranting consideration within the timing of the raid.

Adversary Forces

There may be considerable foe forces within the area. The intelligence believed that there are among 100- three hundred Japanese troops residing in the camp. While only a percentage are there guarding the camp, while one other percentage, is definitely resting as well as transitioning. Near to the camp on the other hand a solid enemy push of multitude of lie northeast of the camp across the Cabu River. Around reserve power of 5000-6000 is stationed in Cabantuan City.

Friendly Forces

The friendly causes within the camp are mostly destabilized and foible POW’s which might be operating for 50% functionality or less. Ranger Device. Scout Device. Guerillas.

Civilian Considerations

The achievements of this mission will mainly depend on the ability of friendly forces to utilize the civilian population located along the way to the prison camp. The indigenous Guerilla pushes will eventually play a large role in ensuring these relations are lined up in a beneficial manner.


Both the enemy and friendly numbers within the prison camp are believed based on atmosphere surveillance photographs and local brains. These quantities will be additional refined while intelligence property gather current information. The health and health of the POWs are not completely clear either. Their capacity to be preserved will be dependent upon their physical strength and health.

installment payments on your MISSION

Task Force rescues POWs by prison camp using combined raid with guerilla makes by 40 January 1945 in order to stop mass casualties of those captured soldiers.

3. Analysis

In determining the right Course of Action it is necessary to first decide time limitations inherent inside the mission. Intelligence estimates that NLT 35 Jan may be the deadline ahead of POW executions are to begin. Another likely COA might be based upon the enemy causes relocating the POW’s to a higher. Due to the situation the time and nature in the attack, the raid should certainly occur later in the day or daybreak.

Key to the success of this objective is the unit’s ability to keep a concealed position during the movement businesses. The ability in the unit to successfully run in the night time will be of big assistance in creating an advantage on the battlefield. The incorporation of the local guerilla causes will also be key to maintain a secure and safe pathway to get the POWs.

The selection of a link point will probably be key in identifying the success of this mission. POW’s should be instructed to walk as few as possible during this rescue efforts. POW’s ought not to be expected to have very health and some touristic efforts will also be needed. The overall success on this mission would depend on the ability of mixing the many several forces which have been designated for this rescue procedure. A successful mixture will be needed in order to perform this objective with success. Tempo will play a large position in the battle and the capability for the raiding causes to whelm the opponent with shock and tempo that will record the impetus of the work.

REQUIREMENT #2: The Problem (10 Points. About one-half of a double-spaced page)

Using earlier course material, the Military Assessment article, and the student aid, articulate LTC Mucci’s trouble including for least ONE critical aspect for each quest variable (METT-TC).

LTC Mucci’s problems can be articulated and arranged using the METT-TC acronym and applying the system known to this version. The quest itself is critical due to the nature of the effort. The rescue attempt requires a highly coordinated effort with many different organizations and products. The ability to consistently incorporate these kinds of varying items will determine the success of your energy. The enemy is troublesome due to the unknown number of these forces living in the camp as well as potency and efficacy to combat.

The terrain is problematic due to the fact that will not offer much cover or concealment and is relatively smooth. The weather is definitely hot and humid offering a problem intended for the procedure. The night period illumination because of the full moon also presents a problem to get cover. The troops and support designed for this mission is challenging due to the necessity of coordinating having a large number of foreign guerilla fighters. The time available is definitely problematic due to the expected expulsion or murder of the soldiers. The civil considerations in this case also are problematic due the proximity of numerous civilians near the area of operations.

NECESSITY #3: The Mission (10 Points. About one double-spaced page)

Although developing his commander’s approximate, LTC Mucci brainstormed 3 different words to use to get his VITAL TASK in the mission assertion: Liberate, Raid, Secure. Citing your references, (a) provide a current U. S. Armed service doctrinal explanation for EACH from the three words and phrases (or dictionary definition if perhaps no doctrinal definition exists), and then (b) select and justify which one to include since the essential process in the Ranger mission statement. Note: You’re not required to write a mission affirmation – just to select and justify what kind word LTC Mucci should certainly use as the essential job in his quest statement.

Part a)

Army Doctrine Guide Publication (ADRP) 1-02 provided the following meanings for the kind of terms in cases like this study:

REZZOU – (DOD) An operation to temporarily grab an area to be able to secure info, confuse a great adversary, capture personnel or equipment, as well as to destroy a capability concluding with a organized withdrawal.

PROTECT – A tactical mission task that involves preventing a unit, facility, or perhaps geographical location from being ruined or destroyed as a result of enemy action. (FM 3-90-1) Observe also strike; breach; denial measure; eliminate; reduce; curb; tactical mission task.

The Merriam-Webster Book defined FREE as “to free something or someone from getting controlled simply by another person, group, etc . To offer freedom or more freedom to someone. For taking or steal something. “

Part b)

The essential task in this is the proper freedom of the military. The commander’s intent is focused on saving the lives of the worn out POW’s and reestablishing their particular humanity. This can be liberation is key because these types of POW’s provide no real tactical benefit over the foe. The comfort from the freedom of the POW’s can be jointly lifted over the ranks when such a liberation occurs. This method of leadership is founded on the qualities expressed inside the idea of clearing the POW’s.

REQUIREMENT #4: Purpose and Task (30 Points total. 6 Details each. One to two double-spaced webpages. See case response. You should write in sentences instead of bulletized kind. )


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