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Plato’s The Allegory of the Cave: The Experience of Reality ...

The Allegory with the Cave Inside the Allegory in the Cave it truly is explain just how reality is different for everybody.

Not every of us have the same view of what reality is, most of us have confidence in what we discover and that is the truth we know plus the one we feel in. With this allegory we hear the story of prisoners who will be chained within a cave simply looking at a wall in the garden, behind them there is a fire and between that fire and them there is way, the following is where people pass by and when this occurs, the prisoners are able to discover their dark areas and this, on their behalf is the actuality.

Then a hostage is freed, and he can allow to depart the cave and see the real world, here is exactly where they master that the dark areas are not at the reality, they learn more reasons for the world and after that he moves again into the cave to share with his good friends but they don’t believe this kind of, because they will only discover him being a shadow plus the stories they heard from him they are not even able to notice them. In my opinion that everybody has a different perspective of what reality is; everybody has their own theory of how that they see life and how they experience this. In my opinion I believe that most people believe that reality is what they see and that there exists nothing else further than that, but of course there are people that believe there are some things beyond than what we see.

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