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Plate tectonics theory

Earthquake, Plate Tectonics

The Earth had formed more than 4. five billion years from today and since after that, we are nonetheless seeing improvements. We are discovering volcanoes erupting and earthquakes shaking the earth’s surface causing significant destruction, the complexities is due to plate tectonics. Home plate tectonic theory is the theory of the Earth’s outer layer is divided into several dishes that slip over the mantle.

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There are three items of evidence that help support the theory of plate tectonics, Shape of Continents, Locations of mountains and fossils, and earthquakes and volcanoes.

The plate tectonics theory was started simply by Alfred Wegener, a brilliant geophysicist and meteorologist. At first, there is no one who have thought the idea of plate tectonics was true till after Alfred Wegener passed away. We have evidence to support the idea of plate tectonics is valid, such as form of continents. The shape of prude is basically expressing the prude doesn’t seriously fit together and has movements, the reason for this is because of platter tectonics. The shape of prude has many supporting details plus the continents were once all together and was called a supercontinent, but naturally the continents are not together this the modern, so apart from the theory of plate tectonics, what other reason is there of how our prude aren’t in the form that it is.

Also, Location of mountains and fossils. The Locations of mountains and fossils supports the theory which the earth’s areas were once a supercontinent. The locations of mountains and fossils show how that if you were that will put the continents together, which the mountain amounts, fossils and rocks might all match up. So what additional reason for this kind of other than the idea of china tectonics. And Earthquakes and volcanoes, are caused by plate tectonics. Earthquakes To summarize, the theory of plate tectonics is a very very good explanation for why the continents are not intact as they once were billions of years ago. And how the places of mountains, rocks, and fossils every match if were to put together the regions into supercontinental form. As well as shape of areas show that lots of major areas can aligned and show that there was every supercontinent. As well as, how Earthquakes and volcanoes are cause, volcanoes need to deal with plate tectonics because all of the active volcanoes found are on plate tectonic boundaries. And everything earthquakes which has been recorded has happened about plate tectonic boundary. This evidence almost all support and point to the fact of how the idea of Menu tectonics applies.

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