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Goa s fabulous cafe

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Goa provides a number of fabulous cafe’s with amazing meals but this place will leave you dumbstruck. The aura of this place and also food right now there equal to WOW. We visited for collation. We were simply looking for a great place to eat. I discovered this place on Tripadvisor and it was seeking amazing in pictures. Likewise, the opinions were amazing. As soon as all of us entered the area, we were astonished to see that it was looking a lot more prepossessing in real.

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It is located over the Anjuna Open air market road. It reminisces of the Mediterranean coffeehouse. This place has an completely fantastic ambiance. It’s a incredibly charming bistro and is ornamented beautifully. It truly is run out of your Portuguese property that has a significant garden space around with hammocks, tree-houses, and even a book-exchange library. So if you are preparing to visit the Anjuna’s flea market, don’t forget to miss this. And even for anyone who is not, then simply visiting Anjuna only for this unique cafe is totally worth it.


This kind of charming and vibrant place serves Mediterranean cuisine and healthy food. Excellent stupendous selection of food. The menu features an all-day breakfast with farm fresh eggs, muesli and a variety of luscious pancake, an array of fresh green salads, delicious casse-cro?te, and the recently prepared veggie juices. The charge for two this is INR 800 ($12). All of us ordered a Fruit Greens with Vanilla Ice Cream, Maple Syrup and Butter Waffles, Banana Lassi, Special Lunch break (which involves two Ova, White Dairy products, Tuna, Avocado, tahini, backyard salad and a tea or coffee), Artjuna Lunch break (which features a Sandwich, a glass of fresh Fruit Juice and a Tea or a Coffee) and Tulsi Tea. The food was delectable and appetizing. I truly loved the Fruit Salad. Fruits were drizzled with vanilla Goodies and honies. I entirely loved the combination. Likewise, their coffee was therefore refreshing and energizing. And it cost us INR 1400 ($21) only.


Apart from an impressive place and scrumptious foodstuff, Artjuna includes a mini collection too. Sounds wonderful, zero? They have a great collection of books. So you can locate your favorite publication to read. Or if you are completed reading the old publication, you can exchange with some various other book from their collection!


Artjuna has an amazing store as well. They have amazing handmade Bohemian Jewellery and Accessories. You could find amazing models there. Even though it’s a very little expensive. That they sell online too. Here’s the web link to their Site Artjuna Store. You can also check out their collection on Instagram: artjuna collection. It’s simply not a cafe, it’s a lot more. It absolutely was a wonderful knowledge being right now there. So , should you be in Goa, don’t ignore this one!

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