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Physical features of the municipality of larena


Land Employ

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The land use is the space translation with the development of a location which will be employed as guideline. The general area use categories are total annual crop with an area of 274. 4304hec. Built-up location with 82. 0331hec. that continues to maximize by a particular percent. The increase in built-up areas is usually attributed to increases in the city area. Wooded grassland gets the biggest region with you, 391. 286 and the smallest area can be fish pond which has only a location of 1. 518hectares. In general terrain use in the municipality, farming is still the dominant category based on the total land region followed by agro-forestry. Agriculture areas basically consists of the following proper crop advancement zone, animals development zone, fisheries advancement zone, crop and animals development area and watershed development sector. Grassland location consist of 392. 645hectares is pretty big location that will be taken for granted. There should be a lot of activity being introduced in this field.


The general populace of Siquijor numbered 81 598 (2000 registration) with a normal every year development of 2 . 19%. Significant populace focuses are the towns of Larena, Siquijor and Lazi. The region has a skills rate of 92. five per cent as of 1889. This number places Siquijor among the exceedingly proficient areas in the land with its knowledgeable residents trainable for any accessible activity. The territory provides a transcendently vibrant populace with around 81% aged 15 or more. Dependence rate is 49. 45%. Populace density is 237. 55/sq. km. as of the entire year 2000.


The Municipality is along 9 degrees, 14 minutes and 12-15. 16 mere seconds latitude and 123 deg, 35 moments and 3. 28 longitude in global coordinates. The space from Larena to neighboring islands in statue a long way is 14. 3 to Oriental Negros, 15. 6th to Cebu, 28. a couple of to Bohol and 28. 00 to Plaridel, Misamis Occidental in Mindanao. In terms of nautical miles, Larena is approximately 20 nautical miles to Dumaguete City, 72 nm to Cebu City, thirty eight nautical miles to Tagbilaran Town and Plaridel, Misamis Communautaire.


The topography of the municipality is generally level to undulating at the coastal strip working from Barangay Poblacion right down to Sandugan in the northern tip, comprising 13. 20 percent from the total area area. The inland areas are rolling to relatively steep with very large hills and mountains.


The best elevation amounts in Larena is 400-500 meters above sea level, located away from the coast in the southern part of the municipality. The coastal areas possess elevation of below 75 m. a. s. l, running inland the rises of 200 to 500m. a. t. As with the other cities, Larena is usually made up of limestone rock material.


Steep hills and mountains, with incline of fifty percent and over, can be found in mid-eastern portion of the municipality covering up portions of Barangays Helen, Balolang, Canlasog and Bontod.


The dirt types predominantly found in Larena are Bolinao and Lugo clay. Bolinao has a incredibly thin surface about twelve to 20 cms deep which can be somewhat crimson in color. It is found in the coastal and lowland areas. This comprised 40. 75 percent of the total lsand area. Lugo clay-based is dark gray to black in color with medium to fine gekörnt structure. This type of soil is sticky once wet plus they fairly abundant with organic subject. The inland/highland areas are usually covered with Lugo clay, comprising 57. 25 percent.

Surface Drainage (bodies of normal water within the LGU)

The municipality of Larena will not have big bodies of water within its legislation. It has merely one (1) riv which is called as Datag Riv located in Barangay Sue. Water goes only during stormy wet days. Creeks are also present in Barangay Taculing, Canlambo, Bagacay, Cang-apa, Candigum, Calunasan, Cang-allas and Bontod.


The climate condition of the municipality is relatively similar to regarding the whole region. Siquijor province does not knowledge very obvious rainfall. Actually during the past 10 years, rainfall has become continuously weak registering just an annual rainfall of 985. 46 logistik, which triggered the drying of a few rivers and springs.

Larena’s weather is generally dry out from November to The spring and damp during the remaining year. Largest rainfall happens usually in October, even though the least volume is in March. Because zero data to get Siquijor tropical isle are available, normal monthly precipitation (in mm) of Dumaguete, Negros Asian is adopted which is regarding 25 km distant from Larena.

Zoning Map

Coastal Place

The beach zone about the island is usually 84. 46 square kilometers. Mangrove area is three or more. 82 sq . km., the shore location is 15. 49 sq . km. and coral reefs is 800 sq . kilometers.

Aquatic Area

Key angling reasons are found all through Siquijor Sea, Bohol Strait, and Mindanao Sea. Away from the coast fishery contains brackish and fresh water. The island has 12-15 hectares of fishponds and 71 hectares of wetland areas.

Ease of access

The website is particularly available mainly because it is situated inside Poblacion Norte which is the focal point with the Municipality of Larena. Methods of transportation to the seaport terminal are both by motorbike, tricycle or perhaps jeepney.

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