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Parents responsibility essay

“Parents should be held only responsible for their children’s activities. ” Do you really agree? A WebQuest pertaining to Secondary three or more NA as well as 3 Experience / 5 NA Designed by Teachers teaching Secondary a few NA / 3 Experience |Ms Deepa Madan |Mr Sharom Mak |Mr Victor Ong | |Miss Cheryl Tan |Mrs Grace Wong |Ms Lee Chai Noi | | | | |

Intro | Activity | Method | Analysis | Conclusion | Credits | Intro This WebQuest is a a muslim lesson to consolidate what you have discovered about composing an argumentative essay. You will discover 2 components to this job: the Essay component plus the Reflection component. Essay Part First, you are to analysis online upon what an argumentative essay is all about, the grammatical top features of an argumentative essay and how you should framework your argumentative essays. Second of all, you should be read the content provided in this WebQuest and then you�re to figure out the best way to use the materials provided in your assignment.

Additionally, you in order to come up with an argumentative dissertation of about five-hundred words permitted ‘”Parents needs to be held entirely responsible for their particular children’s actions. ” Do you really agree? ‘ and send the composition to your The english language teacher around the first day time of school in Term three or more. Reflection Aspect On a individual piece of your paper, you are to suppose you are a parent and you are to dog pen your thoughts around the following concerns: 1 . What is your role like a parent? (50 words) 2 . What are your obligations as a father or mother? (50 words) 3.

What style of circumstances do you think are Beyond Parent Control circumstances? (50 words) 4. If you are in a situation where you have difficulties determining your child, what action will you take and why? (50 words) Introduction | Job | Process | Evaluation | Bottom line | Credits | The work What you are required to learn using this assignment: • The grammatical and structural features of an argumentative essay (text-type) • Through studying the e-articles on if parents needs to be held responsible for his or her children’s actions, you should be form the own views on this theme.

The end product is an combination of the text message type (argumentative text) as well as the topic (“Parents should be kept solely responsible for their little one’s actions. ” Do you consent? ). Intro | Task | Process | Analysis | Conclusion | Credits | The task 1 . Head to http://www. orangeusd. k12. california. us/yorba/persuasive_writing. htm to find out more regarding the composition of an argumentative essay. Be sure to are certain of the grammatical features (i. e. he technical element English: tenses, punctuation, pronouns, spelling, phrase structure) as well as the structural features (what goes into the advantages, body and conclusion) associated with an argumentative essay. 2 . To familiarise yourself with the composition topic, browse the following e-articles: • Family members Education Program: http://familyes. org. sg/education. html • Will need to parents end up being held responsible intended for child truancy: http://news. basse consommation. co. uk/1/hi/talking_point/1984821. stm • Is costume code intended for female instructors feasible? http://www. asiaone. com/News/Education/Story/A1Story20080204-48099. tml • Teenage abortion: http://www. getforme. com/health_abortions. htm • Having parents given the task of their little one’s behaviour: http://www. ncpc. org/topics/bullying/strategies/strategy-holding-parents-accountable-for-their-children-s-behavior 3. After you have read the content, you are now able to form your own thoughts on the topic. Should father and mother be held accountable for their kids actions? If perhaps at this point of your energy you are still unsure whether or not parents ought to be held responsible because of their children’s actions, it is great to make a list. 4. You can now start planning your essay.

Take by least 5 minutes to plan your article so that your article will be more organised and effective. Introduction | Task | Process | Evaluation | Conclusion | Credits | Evaluation You’ll certainly be graded according to these 3 criteria: terminology, content and style. • Terminology: Standard British is to be employed. You must make sure that your spelling, punctuation, tenses and sentence structure are set up when writing the composition. • Articles: The content must be based on the readings supplied, and you are liberated to quote referrals from the other readings you have done. You are also anticipated to quote cases actively through your readings. Design: Your style has to be persuasive enough to convince me that your point-of-view is the point-of-view that I will need to adopt. | |Lava |Pupa |Butterfly | | |1 – three or more |4 – 6 |7 10 | |Language |Language used is definitely not consistent with |Language used is fairly steady with|Language used is very according to | | |many errors made through the |frequent ciel. occasional lapses. | | |essay. | | | |Content |Content is not relevant to the topic |Content is usually relevant to the |Content is very relevant to the subject | | |and hardly ever substantiated with concrete |topic and seldom substantiated with |and usually substantiated with concrete | | |evidence. |concrete data. |evidence. |Style |The article writer has not managed to persuade |The writer provides managed to convince me |The writer has managed to persuade me | | |me to believe his point-of-view. |to go along with his point-of-view to some|to agree with his point-of-view into a | | | |extent. |large degree. | Intro | Task | Method | Analysis | Bottom line | Credits | Summary At the end on this WebQuest, you need to have consolidated your understanding from Term 2 of what argumentative essays are all about.

Do ask your EL tutor in Term 3 in case you have any concerns on how to response argumentative documents or for the text type. Introduction | Task | Process | Evaluation | Conclusion | Credits | Credits Recommendations • Don’t forget to list, within your essay, the sources of virtually any images, music or text message that they are using to offer credit towards the authors or publishers. In citing the source of the methods, you need to range from the author, title, name of web site, particular date of syndication and internet site address. Avoid plagiarism. You must learn to develop new understanding from the info gathered, and never copy anything in your solutions. • Prevent the dangers of infringing copyright Advantages | Task | Method | Evaluation | Summary | Credits | Argumentative Discussion Discursive Exposition Parents held given the task of their childrens delinquent behaviour are more likely to strengthen appropriate behaviour in the junior. National Offense Prevention Authorities

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