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Nuclear strength the future of humanity s energy

Nuclear Energy

Within the past century, man has become progressive and this individual invented an energy which is very secure and trusted, this is the elemental energy. In the beginning of the 21st-century man applied nuclear energy to make nuclear bombs especially in the Second World War as well as the latter this kind of energy utilized in creating electricity power which was insufficient and extremely demanded. This energy proved to be of great importance but also, it was a disaster to the people.

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Nuclear power is a splitting of radioactive isotopes of a lot of elements just like uranium and plutonium factors. These elements create nuclear strength which in the case of development of electric power, this energy is used in heating water to steam which in turn moves the generators to produce electrical power.

This kind of technology was developed in the 1940s during the Second World War that has been used to associated with atomic bombs such as all those used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Blix 1989). Later in 1959 it was used for peaceful motives in the production of electricity energy. The world most of the electricity can be produced by this approach compared to the some other sources of electrical energy especially in the designed countries such as the United States (Baker 2015).

The climb for a cheap and trusted source of electricity has increased in the recent past and many countries decided to go for the indivisible power. This ensured that there was an abundant supply of electric power to the consumers as a result of growing inhabitants. Many designed countries like the Ukraine, china and the japanese built these types of nuclear plant life in order to meet their with regard to electricity. This helped in ensuring locations such as the urban areas were very well provided with electrical energy.

Nuclear energy provides evidently shown to be of great importance to gentleman and his environment. This is because it offers relatively low costs of electricity. This kind of energy is extremely cheap mainly because it uses very little resources to produce huge amounts of electrical power. Despite staying the initial cost of construction becoming expensive, it includes proven to be affordable after completing the plants since it provides sufficient electrical power which satisfies the demand when compared to other sources of electricity (Blix 1989).

Also, this sort of energy contains a stable basic load strength. This is because it might be reduced or increased based upon whether the some other sources of electrical energy such as the breeze and photo voltaic are in plentiful or not. This helps in satisfying demand if the other sources will be excess or insufficient.

Nevertheless, indivisible energy has low air pollution to the environment. This since during the creation of this energy there is no emission of carbon atoms for the environment consequently it is very environmentally friendly (McIntyre1978).

Moreover, this kind of source of electricity is very versatile since more environmentally friendly elements can be used such as thorium which has minimum pollution and also is less dangerous. This makes it a better source of energy when compared with other sources of energy.

Furthermore, this type of electricity produces high energy density. This is where the released during nuclear fission is very large compared to other sources of power hence it truly is preferably compared to other sources of power (Baker 2015).

Despite this method proving being of great importance, it has also proven to be of numerous disadvantages.

To start with, in the event that an accident happens the radioactive compounds that happen to be very radioactive provides problems for the environment and the individuals. This type of case happened in Chernobyl Ukraine where there was an accident at the plant (McIntyre 1978). A large number of people were wiped out and many others playing health problems. This clearly shows this type of strength is very hazardous and can trigger major side effects.

As well, this type of power may release radioactive waste materials which is incredibly harmful. This may happen if the waste is definitely disposed thoughtlessly and could trigger various consequences to the environment and the environment surrounding this (McIntyre 1978).

Furthermore, nuclear strength showed to be very harmful when used in war. It was during the bombing of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki which generated the death of many people and also health effects to the survivors who feel the effects till today.


Nuclear electricity has considerably shown the strengths and also disadvantages, in which it has proven to very helpful to the human race and in addition very damaging to the same persons. Human beings need to, therefore , control this strength by being cautious producing this in order to avoid long term tragedies.

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