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Movie analysis of gender stereotyping antz essay

Inside the movie ‘Antz’, we encountered blatant samples of prejudice based on three social classifications: contest, class, and gender. This movie appeared to be completely unintended in the portrayal of the stereotypes, yet it’s the completely harmless nature of their usage which is of interest. Did Dreamworks SKG draw up the plot and characters about these stereotypes to draw the audience nearer and motivate acceptance, and/or these features so deeply ingrained that they appeared randomly? Likely, we will never know, but the physical appearance of this phenomena is cause of interest.

The movie demonstrated instances of male or female stereotyping most strongly. Beginning with the women characters, there is a laundry list of notable instances, although I will simply name a couple of. We can focus on Azteca, Z’s friend and fellow “worker. While Unces is a standard male that is competitive and wants to progress in the world, Azteca maintains a relatively “typical feminine response. Instead of encouraging him, she tells Z in order to smile, and happily acknowledge his place, even if costly awful life where he is usually to literally looking ditches his whole life.

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This example simply highlight the belief that women may, in effect, end up being “yes men, the expression further illustrating the belief of weakness in females. Another period when this theme came out was if the Queen was talking to her daughter, who had been, in an old-school sort of way, betrothed to a man not of her choosing, the overall.

While the child complained, the Queen merely urged her to be satisfied, and acknowledge her fate, because it is “the best thing for everyone. An additional instance, and one which I discovered particularly amusing, was the female wasp(no chance there, of course). When ever Z plus the princess had been in trouble, the girl insisted with her husband that he help them, because it was the humanitarian activity. It was presented in such a way that harkened to the proverbial housewife image, whereby women has nothing to do apart from take care of the house and kids, and as a great little “hobby, helps away humanitarian attempts to do some really good for the world.

With the men, the images had been more ample, and more a-typical. The generalwas a valiente, power-hungry cool, a seemingly perfect attitude for a man in this location. Z was, while even more timid, a business person, striving to achieve something in the life, and managed to turn into another man hero twice during the course of the film. Inside the bar, it was the men who began fighting, not women. Again, very normal.

As a whole, Antz demonstrated how completely these types of stereotypes have permeated our culture, simply because, if we had not been seeing this movie in an analytical way, the stereotypes would have floated past us, undetected.


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