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Mcdonald s vs wendy s essay

In the current era the low carb diet programs and excessive exercise routines, individuals are more mindful with meals choices, although also there will come the age where fast food restaurants cater to the need for low-cost food quickly. The quickly, quick, and easy foods though are sadly aren’t always the healthiest choices for anybody. There are two fast food eating places that are now offering healthy and balanced menu options low in body fat and carbs without depriving them of the taste. McDonald’s and Wendy’s both come under the same category for fast foods but both provide distinct characteristics in healthier decision menu products.

The two take out restaurants change considerably although both Wendy’s and McDonald’s offer several salad selections.

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The most incredible breakthrough for these two take out restaurants was the introduction from the healthier hamburger alternatives to their menus. Wendy’s one much healthier sandwich to supply which is the best Chicken Grill which only has 6th. 5 grams of excess fat when packed with toppings.

Wendy’s is also the leader in various healthier foods. Wendy’s baked potatoes, without all the huge fatty toppings, are a great decision to a healthful meal. Although Wendy’s had a selective more healthy menu options for a while, McDonald’s however has begun to offer healthier meal options. In today’s era, McDonald’s provides a wide variety of healthier alternatives including fruit yogurt parfaits and green apple slices to get the kids menu. McDonald’s healthier sub choices contain McVeggie Hamburger, Chicken Fajitas, and Wheat grains Chicken McGrill. Wendy’s business presentation of more healthy menu selections is superior. Wendy’s green salads are significant and refreshing with leading sizes appropriate.

McDonald’s fails at developing a superior presentation of much healthier food options. The McDonald’s salads lack in appearance and freshness; the salads show up just to end up being thrown with each other and often seem like wilted member of the lettuce family. Without a blade, eating green salads can be mind-boggling. The chicken breast pieces in the salads are sliced although not separated, and need to be separated. Generally, the McDonald’s salads lack freshness, and presentation.

Wendy’s mix of salads has become a popular menu choice. Wendy’s was the initially major junk food chain to offer fast food greens as a meal’s main study course. Wendy’s gives four greens choices including possessing several grams of fat to 30 grams depending on the greens toppings. Wide selection and top quality of these green salads has established an exceptional reputation for this restaurant.

A reaction to the popularity of salads, McDonald’s is now giving salads being a main study course menu decision. As well, in attempt to boast a healthier image. Body fat content of McDonald’s salads is also similar to that of Wendy’s. It is evident that McDonald’s effectively features a variety of good tasty green salads.

Finally, a number of salad options, meal range, and great presentation are generally considered when evaluating an easy food cafe. People presently constantly look for easy methods to gain nutrients, with junk food restaurants such as Wendy’s and McDonald’s, producing healthier foodstuff choices less difficult. The need to diet plan has finally become a important selling point for most restaurants.


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