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Marketing strategies in the frozen foodstuff

Frozen Meals, Market Buildings, Market Strategy

Excerpt by Essay:

Operations Decision for Short-Run and Long-Run Production and Cost Features

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Busy weight-conscious consumers are progressively searching for easy-to-prepare low-calorie alternatives, and it is no surprise that this sector has knowledgeable sustained development in recent years (Myers, 2016). In order to gain and maintain a competitive advantage through this industry, however , requires careful attention to demand levels and competitors charges strategies. This paper traces a plan that can be used to assess the potency of the market framework for a low-calorie frozen, microwavable food company, a discussion relating to two elements that could be the cause of changes, an analysis with regards to the major short run and very long cost capabilities for this business as well as suggestions about substantive ways in which the corporation may use these details in order to make decisions in the short-run plus the long-run. In addition , an study of the possible circumstances below which the business should stop operations can be followed by suggested key activities that supervision should take to be able to confront these kinds of circumstances with supporting explanation. Finally, a suggested charges policy that may enable this provider to maximize profits is then a plan which the company would use in order to examine its monetary performance and recommended actions that the company could take in order to improve their profitability and deliver more appeal to it is stakeholders.

Summarize a plan that could assess the performance of the industry structure pertaining to the companys operation

The industry structure by which low-calorie freezing food businesses compete comes with the companies organizational structure as well as salient attributes of the market itself. Regarding this, Riley (2016) advises that, Market structure is best understood to be the company and other characteristics of a industry (p. 3). Assessing the potency of the market structure in which companies compete as a result requires a great analytical structure in which demand levels and trends may be estimated (Swann Gill, 1999). The primary aspects of market composition that should be employed in the analysis include the following:

· The amount of firms (including the scale and extent of foreign competition);

· The industry share of the largest businesses;

· The size of costs (including the potential for firms to exploit financial systems of scale and also the occurrence of sunk costs which usually affects marketplace contestability inside the long term);

· The degree to which the industry can be vertically integrated;

· The extent of product differentiation (which impacts cross-price firmness of demand);

· The structure of buyers on the market (including associated with monopsony power); and

· The yield of customers (e. g., marketplace churn) my spouse and i. e. how many consumers are prepared to change their dealer over a provided time period the moment market conditions change – the rate of customer crank is troubled by the degree of customer or company loyalty and the influence of persuasive marketing and advertising (Riley, 2016, p. 4).

Given that organization operations possess changed from your market framework specified in the original scenario in Task 1, identify two (2) likely factors that might possess caused the change. Foresee the primary manner in which this alter would likely effects business operations in the new market environment

One overarching factor that might have induced the modify is the fact the fact that demand for low-calorie frozen foods is seasonal, and many customers elect to have what they like during the holidays. For instance, Wood (2009) studies that, Winter months holidays cover a good 6 weeks-beginning towards the end of November and not ending until following New Years. Avoiding extra calories requires you to prepare, and undoubtedly [this] is a time when it is particularly challenging not to binge (p. 7).

Another factor that could be associated with this modify is the degree of consumer demand for healthy, easy-to-prepare meal alternatives which is staying addressed by the proliferation of companies just like Blue Kitchen apron that provide each of the ingredients essential for a complete home-cooked meal sent to consumers homes (About all of us, 2017). The expansion in this industry can be reasonably expected to decrease the companys market share, especially provided recent styles in buyer preferences to get fresh rather than frozen food. In this regard, Builder (2009) reviews that, Customers have a fraction of the time and less tendency to spend hours preparing meals. But they also like the idea of newly prepared food (p. 17). Moreover, the importance of developments has not been misplaced on the significant actors in the frozen food market such as the internet marketers at Chickens Eye who also report that, We are focusing on the small, money-rich and time-poor, which can be most of the land; people who know what quality is and are not really prepared to bargain (as reported in Mason, 2009, g. 17).

Examine the major short run and very long cost features for the low-calorie, freezing microwaveable meals company provided the cost functions below. Recommend substantive ways the low calorie food firm may use this info in order to make decisions in the short-run plus the long-run

Effectively forecasting demand in a highly competitive marketplace represents a challenging venture, but there are several valuable info that can be discerned from the determined costs features that can help inform the decision-making process. For example , according to

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