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Managing a laptop or computer essay

Managing A Computer

1 . you The AUTOEXEC. BAT document is one among files which loads each and every time the computer is booted. It contains command lines and techniques to run courses and load settings for the systems hardware and software configuration. In addition, it may have command lines procedures to perform programs that might clean your systems harddrive of short-term files and viruses.

An example of this file is usually shown listed below:




LH C: SBCDDRVMSCDEX. EXE /S /D: MSCD001 /M: almost eight /V




The initial line of this batch data file, @ECHO AWAY, is programming command which in turn hides every one of the command lines procedures through the user.

The second range is also a programming command that configures the CUI command fast. The guidelines after QUICK tell the CUI what to show. The $P is short for current travel and course and $G stands for more suitable than sign (&gt, ). Apart from individuals two variables, a user can add any personas after FAST and itll be proven as the command fast.

Another command configures the CUI to search for documents in that directory site first before searching in its current location. The SET and PATH control procedures, although different commands, are used in conjunction to set up CUI environment variables and the parameters shown after that will be what the CUI will search in initially.

The next command is usually loading DOSs CD-Rom drive letter allocater (The CD-Rom driver has to be loaded initially in the CONFIG. SYS). The parameters following the executable file inform the CUI to allocate a specific drive notice for the CD-Rom and also may advise the CUI to set aside extended memory space or how you can read the CD-Rom in terms of acceleration and sectors. The LH configures the CUI to launch this control procedure in high or perhaps extended recollection.

The next command word procedure allocates the Disrupt and Drive Memory share for the systems audio card along with informing the CUI in the sound credit cards input/output range.

The next command process informs the CUI to consider all the individuals for the sound card in its parameters which is a directory site on the hard drive.

The last command word loads the driver for the mouse. This command treatment doesnt need any variables and is only a single order procedure informing the CUI to load that executable document.

1 . a couple of A Batch File Which in turn Asks For End user Input:

@echo off




if %1==c goto drive

if %1==d goto drive

echo Make sure you type INSTALL X (Replace X together with your hard drive letter)

echo for example. INSTALL C

goto: quitinstall


indicate Welcome for the Batch Type Demo authored by Leon Douglas.


echo Do You wish to continue?

decision /n Certainly or No


echo off

md %1: minstall

compact disc %1: minstall

echo away

copy a: inst2. such as the


: quitinstall

Without starting excessive details of this batch program, what accomplishing is known as a drive page to install a plan into in addition to a yes or no instruction to continue. The first part of the group file which is in striking is the bit of programming that will require a travel letter to get typed as a parameter towards the batch document. It will only recognise C or Deb as travel letters, whether it is as uppercase or lowercase. If the customer does not type a parameter or types a different travel letter other than C or perhaps D, the batch document will display a communication that declares a travel letter is required before carrying on.

Inside the second part of programming which can be in italics is what the user will see in the event that they type C or perhaps D being a parameter next to the batch files term as the command procedure. This area of the programming requests the user if to continue with the installation or perhaps not. In the event the user types anything in addition to yes, zero, y or perhaps n the program will not carry on until the accurate parameter is usually typed. If the user makes its way into the correct parameter the program will certainly proceed to the next measure which is demonstrated above in bold and Italics. This kind of part of the group program the directory around the given drive and then replications another batch file from the same area as by itself to the directory it developed. From here, this kind of batch record terminates following the command procedure is given to get started on the various other batch file.

1 . 3 Macros That Automate Methods Within A GUI (Windows)

Within Glass windows 95 there are many ways that procedures can be automatically loaded with no input of a user. Both most common strategies are simply by placing command line procedures as device within the Startup folder of Windows or perhaps by putting your command line procedures in the LOAD= brand of the EARN. INI. One more method is simply by placing the command line procedure within the House windows Registry although that is the many complex technique.

To automate techniques via the Start-up folder is a very easy job. Simply generate a new icon or step-around within the folder and browse for the executable file you want to load. Just save the icon and next time home windows is packed, that executable will be loaded at the start as well.

To add order line types of procedures into the GET. INI data file is just as convenient, here is an illustration:

house windows


load=c: scenesscenes. exe navpopup. exe

You will discover two executables as you can see, navpopup. exe and scenes. exe, and these are loaded at the startup as well. The space between your two is that is essential for Windows to differentiate involving the two courses but parameters can also be put in as well. As possible also discover, navpopup. exe doesnt include a directory site path and so the file has to be within the ARRANGED PATH command line method in the AUTOEXEC. BAT.

1 . 4 To produce sole keystroke procedures for various tasks, also called Hot Important factors, is very simple. For an example, within just Windows ninety five, a hot key could be assigned to open a particular exe. This is made by opening the properties in the executable icon and adding a notification in the Magic formula Key package.

installment payments on your 1 Setting up or Updating a software package deal within a CUI is a very easy task. An example would be to use a game that doesnt have any sub-directories. The game will probably be on a floppy disk and we will have to produce a directory site on the hard disk drive. It would proceed as follows:

C: Enter




The game no could be played by typing the executable data file name underneath the directory VIDEO GAME


2 . two To install or upgrade an application package within a GUI is generally very simple because the package will have its own SETUP. EXE file that will do it most for you. However for the sake of it well carry out an example that doesnt contain a SETUP. EXE file. The installation case in point is as uses: –

1 . Open Windows Explorer

2 . Click on A: and select all of the file within the disk simply by clicking on the first file, hold change down, through pressing the down arrow key until it reaches the very last file.

several. While all the files are picked, right click on some of those data and click on COPY.

4. Click on the C: and make a directory by clicking on the Root directory of where you want to install it and click on NEW FOLDER through the File Menu.

5. Key in the name of the fresh folder and press get into

6. Right mouse click about that file and click on paste. It is now copied on the Hard Disk.

To generate a shortcut for the desktop just right click anywhere around the desktop then click on FRESH SHORTCUT. Look for the executable file with the software package and choose it. Done.

2 . 3 To adjust the GUI to simply accept the new software program would probably simply arise when ever manually setting up a software bundle where an older version of the identical package is available on the CUI. If this is the truth, then there are a couple of steps to be taken. The first thing would be to look into the lower half of the WIN. DI SINI. file for any configuration adjustments for this, existing variation of the software package. An example can be below:


win32_version=6. 3



As you can see, the construction within the SUCCEED. INI explains to Windows the fact that Version is 6. 3 so that will have to be changed to coincide with the new set up. The serial number will often be the same, but if not really, change that here too. Usually like a word of wisdom, always try to UPGRADE software if you have an existing type because installing a new variation can cause challenges if an existing version is also on the GUI.

Also, should you INSTALL a modern version, often remove the old version before you install the more recent by likely to ADD/REMOVE within just CONTROL PANEL. This will likely delete all of the old construction settings for the previous versions.

2 . 4 Conflicts will only come up in application when the above situations (2. 3) do arise. As a word of wisdom, usually try to UPGRADE over existing software, hardly ever INSTALL newer versions upon a system that contains the older versions. If you have to, often delete the old version with the Control Panel (Add/Remove) to remove any risk of inconsistant software.

several. 1 Difficulties Types Of Viruses: –

Boot Sector Viruses Attempts to exchange or inflect the start sector of your hard or perhaps floppy hard disk drive.

Record Infectors Attempts to contaminate executable file and distributes virus when infected executable files happen to be run. Multiparite Virus Tries to assail both exe files and boot sectors.

Polymorphic Virus Mutates each time this replicates to be one stage ahead of anti-virus software.

Stealth Disease Attempts to falsify checksum values to evade recognition.

Systemic Virus Objectives the FAT canton tables, system drivers and the system data (IO. SYS & COMMAND WORD. COM)

3. 2 The strategy of malware prevention is always to try to get rid of all the possible sources of just how viruses may infect the body. One way should be to never work anything of floppy hard disk drives, CD-Roms and also the Internet and the other is always to simply install Anti-Virus application. Just remember that a virus are unable to just look, it has to be replicated onto your program or elope a floppy disk out of your system. In todays society, viruses happen to be being created every day and computers will be infected every day, but most manufacturers of infections only want to invade and destruction information of rather large companies including banks or perhaps law enforcement organizations. The only way you’ll infected through opening paperwork on your program that came from external resources and most with the top anti virus packages will certainly scan these kinds of documents and software packages just before your system even opens them so we have a way to deal with viruses. The way an anti-virus package does this is by sitting resident in the background of the GUI or CUI and scans every single document which is opened. For example , if you place a floppy hard drive in your pc and open it using Glass windows Explorer, the anti-virus bundle will quickly scan hard disks for you and instantly get rid of germs on or inform you of any malware.

3. 3 Installing anti virus software is the perfect part. The toughest part is usually finding the right bundle for you that can perform all of the tasks you will need it to. When I try to find an anti-virus deal, it MUST be able to do a surface scan of my computer system each day apon booting in the CUI by simply loading the AUTOEXEC. BAT. The other crucial task it should be capable of doing is sit citizen in the background of my GUI, scanning almost everything I open up and quickly disinfects or perhaps informs me of any kind of virus this finds.

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