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Low Cost Strategy Essay

Low cost strategy is one of the 3 generic marketing plans. Companies utilize this strategy to offer low price in the products/services by simply focusing on various points in the value sequence activities. In order to be a successful low-cost competitor within a competitive environment, companies give attention to several issues; which every pass from the ways of perimeter improvement (in terms of accelerating revenue and reducing cost) and property effectiveness (in the sense of reducing working capital and maximizing successful on asset). In other words, we can say that cheap competitors concentrate on efficiency in the all actions by defining and expense reduction in their worth chain.

Allow me to share different characteristics which cheap strategy centered companies generate or stick to in order to be competitive and have lasting low-cost strategies: Forming partnership in certain activities which can be too costly pertaining to the company to complete by itself and/or outsourcing making activities to low-cost countries. For example , Huawei Technologies (which is importing and expanding PBX telephone products) produced partnership with 3Com and Siemens therefore enter new markets and also by using it is some other competitive strengths this outcompetes Barullo (well-known global network manufacturer) within 5-6 years.

Minimizing complex and high-priced activities just like, research and development, merchandise design and marketing; and standardizing products and designs. Having no-extra service but with the best make use of asset use. For example , South west Airlines reduces its costs by no-frill services although also accomplish to maximize their profits simply by returning the plane from the gateway to the air within extremely short time (about 20 minutes). Combining low-price with product differentiation. For example , Japan retailer Muji as a competition to Wal-Mart and IKEA.

It is very important to get a low-cost strategy focused business to identify and deal with additional low-cost rivals as early as possible ahead of they become good and effective competitor in market. Therefore , companies should think about their exterior environment specifically its competition in order to be capable of become more competitive and gain more business as a low-cost provider. You will find 4 methods of analyzing competitive environment: 1) Identifying company’s low-cost rivals: Possible simply by detecting and responding potential low-cost competition on time; depending on focusing low-cost strategies against to the firm.

2) Executing a total expense analysis: Made by identifying a potential threats via companies which are more efficient within their product and service costs. ) Producing all potential scenarios: Organization makes what-if scenarios by clear comprehension of the market and competitor’s sustainable capabilities to be able to prepare better for foreseeable future. 4) Determining company’s ideal strategic goes: In this case business uses it is what-if circumstance understandings in such a way to be able to compete and overcome its low-cost rivals. Whilst developing company’s strategic moves to gain larger market share and sustainable competitive edge, managers should develop both immediate tactics and long-term tactics.

Short-term methods allow organization to make stronger its talents and also gain time for the needed examination to be able to develop long-term tactics while keeping low-cost rivals in a position that does not threats the organization. These methods include providing low-price product/services or offering some other deal incentives, a number of legal actions such as obvious infringement lawsuits, product/service differentiation and lastly concentrating more attractive and profitable consumers by enabling unprofitable ones to competition. These short-term tactics likewise, allow organization to maintain market share as well as gain sustainability in the actions.

Long term strategies modify companies to changing industry conditions and also allow them to follow after fresh market possibilities. These approaches might be riskier than short-terms’ but provide more income. Long-term approach includes giving differentiated items, expanding products/services, entering into fresh geographical areas, becoming cheap leader or perhaps having low-cost subsidiaries, investing in technology and finally improving buyer services.

As an example, IBM was selling computers as a initial mover but then it started to sell differentiated product society by offering assistance solutions as well when Dell and Gateway started to offer lower priced pcs. Overall, in order to be able to successfully compete with different low-cost competition and have durability as a cheap competitor on the market; Firstly, firm must analyze its external and internal environment by defining its and also competitors’ market positions and potential threats for the company. Second of all, company must be action focused by using their strengths and competitive benefit to eliminate early on detected potential threats pertaining to the company at a later date.

Lastly, organization must create a strong strategy to support its successful competition in the market by simply entering into the new markets and developing new products on the as well as also establishing other necessary tactics since quick as is possible.

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