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Literature and history term paper

Excerpt coming from Term Conventional paper:

Common Themes in Homer’s The Odyssey

Homer’s The Journey is an ancient work that has managed to survive up to the present time. Va Woolf argues that the topics and scenarios presented inside the Odyssey will be universal topics that all human beings can connect with, despite the transferring of time. An option of the topics and situations presented in The Odyssey will show that this holds true. While The Odyssey is set within a different some culture, the standard situations and struggles are ones that apply similarly to all persons. These themes and situations include the struggle of being teenagers, the changing relationship among a mother and kid, the process of a boy becoming a person and the changing relationship among family members as time passes. Each of these happen to be universal themes and this is the reason why The Odyssey as relevant to modern life as it was to ancient life.

The struggle of being teenagers is showed in the starting of The Odyssey. At the beginning of the effort, Telemachus would like to be a man. His mom is being pursued by the suitors and this individual wants to guard her, yet he is not nearly able to. Instead of fighting for his mother’s rights, this individual calls an assembly and asks which the suitors end up being expelled. Also in doing this this individual admits his own weak point, “but, got I the energy, my can should serve me to exempt this hour via out my personal life-time. For, past patience, base actions are done below, that surpass defence of any reverance. Falling is definitely my house, that you should shame to see and so ruinous” (II, 100-105). Through this speech, 2 things are seen. First of all, that Telemachus wants to shield his mom’s honor, and secondly, that he would not have the power to do that. Towards the end of his speech he loses his composure, “This said, his sceptre ‘gainst the ground he threw, and tears still’d from him; which mov’d all of the crew, the court minted silent, not just a man did dare to offer a word that might offend his ear” (II, 131-135). This further illustrates that although he really wants to act like a guy, he is not as yet able to do this. His work of shedding his temper is a childish one and shows his immaturity. Telemachus represents the adolescent who will be at the level between as being a child and being an mature. Telemachus wants to be a guy, but is not quite ready to become one. This period of uncertainness and have difficulty where the individual wants to be a little more than they are really is a area of the adolescent struggle that

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