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Life Transitions Counseling Essay

A detailed and very interesting research about the problems of classifying, inspecting and dealing with life changes in our life, was written by Lawrence Brammer, Ph. D., who will be Professor Emeritus of Counselor Education with the University of Washington in Seattle. This work was published by Educational Useful resource Information Centre. In his research T. Brammer presents the concept of your life transitions and presents the most frequent types of such changes.

After that this individual addresses to three theoretical models of life transitions, which are maintained tips on guidance them. And in the end of the article mcdougal presents a few attitudes and skills necessary for successful dealing with changes and life changes. In accordance to this analysis, there are three ways of man perception of life changes. These approaches are based on the developments of other specialists in this field. The initially approach was suggested simply by Bridges (1980), who provided using metaphors from vintage literature when ever describing your life transitions.

Counseling approach in such case can be focused on encouraging visitors to look for several meaningful metaphors when taking care of with their existence transitions. In the end in the research there are a few concepts about coping frame of mind and abilities, which are generally based on the developments in psychological literature. The author says that handling life transitions is self-initiated problem solving, which requires development of proper and satisfactory coping resource. Likewise, the author provides some directions, which can be effective for creating the concept of recovery the moment coping with your life transitions.

All those are: creating support sites, cognitive reframing, analyzing personal stress answers, etc . This studies very constructive and useful; it discloses some interesting theoretical information regarding view on your life transitions as well as the ways of coping with them. The author suggests learning the problem more thoroughly, and the conclusion this individual directs readers into the most significant field of studying life transitions: learning more regarding particular man personalities, regarding ourselves and our adjacent. Probably the only pitfall with this studies the a shortage of more sensible information on coping with life changes.

Other many researches expose mental (acknowledging the problem, trying to find some confident sides, struggling with anxiety and depressions, etc . ) and physical (doing physical exercises, interacting with other folks, paying attention about nutrition, etc) tips, which is often very helpful in our daily activity when handling with transitions. Besides, nearly all life transitions is connected with stresses, so coping with life transitions usually becomes handling stress. It is also important level, which was required to receive even more attention from the author with this research.

But also in any way, the job of Laurence Brammer is very useful, specifically for students and specialists, whom are interested in studying the notion of your life transitions and stresses simply by human psychology.

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