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Legal profiling charles ng dissertation

When you first hear this news about an offender assigning numerous criminal offenses, you suppose he or she has been abused at some time in their life or that they have a new long criminal record. Most repeat offenders are derived from a string of a poor life, parent abuse such as abandonment, neglect, and/ or physical abuse to name a few. At an early age they will show signs of being cool hearted, fearless and possibly thrill-seeking behavior.

This kind of wasn’t the truth for Charles Ng.

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Delivered in Hk (Levin), child of a wealthy businessman, he was not exposed to poverty, thugs, to the contrary; he had all this. Access to anything he would have ever wished, lots of money, decision to attend virtually any school this individual could have at any time wanted and never have to worry about just how it would be funded. Whatever he wanted he received. Rather he chosen a existence crime. He started with just being a rebel, he would be transferred or perhaps expelled by different colleges throughout his childhood because of his exceptional behavior (sarcasm), and they could not kick him out fast enough.

His father couldn’t take care of him anymore, he dispatched him to England to have with his dad. It did not take long for Charles to keep his negative behavior. This individual upgraded to stealing by his classmates to stores. He merely couldn’t receive enough of other people’s products. And once again having been kicked out of school.

While back in Hong Kong, he utilized a for the student visa to study in america, and enrolled at a school in Belmont, CA, although studies were the last thing on his mind. Following just one session he fallen out of school. Even though this individual wasn’t a north american citizen he managed to con thesystem and hands over a fake Indiana birth license and in 80 he enlisted in the Underwater Corps and was positioned in Hawaii. This action of defrauding was one more devious action to add to his list. He didn’t last for very long in the armed forces. Within a 12 months he and also other accomplices stole military guns, to which they were caught and arrested. Merely days after being imprisoned he goes out and works to A bunch of states.

In California he complies with a man named Leonard Pond. Lake was also in the Marine Corp where he educated as a adnger zone operator. This individual lasted eight years while using Marines and was afterwards honorably discharged with good conduct despite of his “psychological problems being exposed during his time served. Lake a new history of mental issues in the military nevertheless they were not effectively documented at that time. Unlike Ng, Lake would not have a fantastic upbringing. He didn’t possess wealthy parents. He was coping with different family all up until the age of half a dozen. His father and mother were too busy struggling with each other, they neglected Leonard. Lake felt abandoned and rejected simply by those he thought might protect him and take care of him. The nurture part of growing was taken from him.

Ng befriends him given they have military assistance in common and ultimately techniques in with him and Leonard’s wife. At some time Charles and Lake happen to be arrested by the FBI intended for weapon expenses. He is released sometime in Summer 1984 and moves backside with Pond but this time he joins Lake at a cabin. This kind of cabin could end up being their particular sanctuary, their hostage cellular. It failed to take a long time before Charles need for chaos could start. In July of these same 12 months, just a month after his release Charles breaks into an apartment, robs the place and shoots 2 males living in the house. One of the tenants, Donald Guiletti died through the robbery although his roommate, Richard Carraza survived. Although at this point Charles was not conscious of Mr. Carraza’s survival till months after (A Fortune Better than Death, 1991).

Charles teamed up with Lake and continued their criminal conquest. After the thievery, he went on to afeitado and provide life his partners sadistic sexual fantasies. Their first group of patients came once Ng taken care of immediately an advertising in the newspaper posted simply by Mr. Harvey Dubs regarding camera and audio tools. Theywould appear as they were really thinking about purchasing the goods advertised in the ad, they will used this approach of way in order to gain get of their patients and accomplish their plan. When Ng arrived at the Dubs property, Mrs. Deborah Dubs acquired welcome the men into her home not knowing her existence and those the lady loved most were gonna end. Lake and Ng abducted the Dubs to add raping Mrs. Dubs. Sooner or later Deborah begs to see her son who also Ng got already slain but rather he enjoyed games and would let her know the baby is sleeping, making her believe she may well have the opportunity to survive exclusively for the sake of the kid. But in the final it was almost all lies. Just like his foreseeable future female subjects he tied up, tortured and raped then before choosing their your life.

Another one of his subjects was a young lady by the name of Kathleen Allen. Ng knew Kathleen through her boyfriend Mike, who had been a cellmate of Ng’s during his time in Leavenworth, for stealing armed service weapons. Lake phoned Kathleen and shows her that Mike have been and taken and she needed to reach his aside as soon as possible. He offers to choose her and so she refuses to have to travel herself provided how shaken up your woman became together with the news. Pond takes her to the log cabin where he, his wife and Ng were residing. While in the cabin they take her to a outside shack with the presumption that her boyfriend was there.

Pond grabs her and connections her into a bed content they had personalized by going holes and inserting ropes/ties in order to protected their subjects. Charles positions himself around the bed with Kathy and begins to tear her t-shirt off with a butterfly knife. He threatens her simply by telling her if your woman didn’t perform like a sexual slave is to do as he desires he would consider her exterior and kill her. The girl complied with his wishes and others. All the while Leonard can be videotaping Kathleen’s nightmare and directing Ng. They noticed this as making of any movie. Kathleen wasn’t Ng’s only feminine victim. He previously a total of three feminine victims. Every female victims were raped, tortured and regardless of how they will responded to the attacks, if resisted or complied these were ultimately slain.

They constructed a bunker style concealing place where they helped bring their subjects and hide them. This hiding had everything they must put all their plans in motion. Weaponry, lingerie pertaining to the women to carry out a little position play with astheir sexy servant vixens, kitchen knives, digging products, etc . That they built a great incinerator, a living room with a two way mirror; this was an entire hostage military style cell. Ng, would make the sexual acts as well the murders along with Pond all the while Pond had the sick pleasure to watch and record. They would also have pictures and post all of them throughout their particular hidden batterie as a shrine to what they may have done. They can look at these types of pics and feel good as to what they had carried out. Aside from the photos, Ng preserved articles with their clothing every once in a while will sniff these people. By doing this it would bring him back to that moment this individual forced himself onto all of them.

What could conceivable gone incorrect for this breakthrough to occur? Ng and Lake become too comfortable. Because previously mentioned, Charles had a inclination to shoplift/ theft. Having been at an area store wherever an employee seen Charles walking out of the retail outlet with what were a counter vise. If the police arrived they did research online and found a weapon authorized in another person’s name. The officer concerns Lake who does the vehicle plus the weapon participate in, Lake sadly was not anticipating the officer to follow up with information given and was arrested at that moment and Charles flees. While Lake is in the police station giving a declaration, Charles handles to gather a large amount of money and flees to Chicago where he stayed a few days and after that makes his way to Canada. While at the the Police Place Lake swallows 2 cyanide capsules and collapses in the midst of the revendication room. He could be taken to hospital and passes away. At this point law enforcement officers are questioning what would make a man want to kill him self all for any shoplifting impose. This is where Charles world came crumbling straight down.

Lake’s partner leads the officers to the cabin in which Lake, Charles and she were living. A search cause was given and the bunker along with all the other concealing places and equipment utilized to bring about their very own crime gratify was unveiled. At first the investigators didn’t want to link the crimes between Donald G, the victim from the house robbery, together with the rape and murder of Kathleen A. and Brenda O’C., right up until a picture of Lake and Ng had been posted on the local news stations and Donald’s roommate, Rich came frontward and determined Ng his or her attacker. When neighbors had been interviewed these people were unaware of the several names Pond had used throughout the period he occupied the cottage. One of theneighbors had acknowledged him being a Charles Gunnar, not Leonard Lake, and this had itched the detectives as to who else might have been missing.

Since the analysis in the U. S. goes forward, Charles is busted by the Calgary police canada on fees of theft, possession of a fire arm and attempted homicide as he attracted a gun in the officers although they were aiming to detain him for shoplifting. Soon after news of his arrest reach the United States and California becomes aware of his whereabouts and applies for an remise to which these were denied. During his amount of time in a Canada jail Charles did a whole lot of examining, familiarizing himself with the rules both in Canada and the U. S. For about six years he altered the both Canada and U. S. penal devices, causing delays for his extradition and then his trial (Biography). By the end of his trial this individual requested to become put on the stand. This individual thought he was smarter than the prosecutors. During his distinctive line of questioning he indicates they will didn’t possess a specific form of victims. It had been more roughly, whoever they will encountered and felt that they could provide their goal in their lovemaking fantasies.

Charles was located guilty and sentenced to death. A great execution day is but to be arranged, he is surviving and well at San Quentin Prison in California (Nation, 2013).

As I watched the documentary and did study on Charles Ng and Leonard Pond, I understood they did not have a unique branding showing how their criminal activity were fully commited. Charles chose the victims based on his comfort zone, near the cabin where he could allure those to the cabin or transportation them to it. One thing the girl all had in common is that they were married or got boyfriends. Charles and Leonard shared intimate fantasies and were able to put them in play. One thing is perfect for sure, that they didn’t choose all their subjects, it was more like first come before serve. Whomever is available will be the chosen 1. Their unsecured personal aspect/ commonality was getting the females since sex slaves. They thrived at the thought of sexual acts and watching each other with the patients.

Charles and Leonard originated from different backgrounds. Charles being the privileged a single, having his parents attending to him, whilst Leonard was your

poor kid who have his parents couldn’t appreciate, managed to live the same your life of criminal offenses and add up as a team wrecking a total of 12 lives not including friends and family.


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