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John fitzgerald kennedy in major historical events

American History, John N. Kennedy

David Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) was the 35th president of the United States from January 1961 right up until his assassination in The fall of 1963 when travelling through Dallas, Arizona in a motorcade.

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Throughout his obama administration JFK was involved in many major traditional events


On the 20th January 1960 JFK was sworn into presidency and delivered his inaugural conversation. In this speech he told his other Americans to find opportunities to serve for their country. “The energy, the trust, the faithfulness which we all bring to this endeavor is going to light our country and everything who serve it”and the glow as a result fire may truly lumination the world”.

Tranquility Corps

On the 1st of March 1961 JFK proven the Tranquility Corps. Leader Kennedy remarked that the Soviet Union experienced hundreds of men and women prepared to spend their lives abroad in the service of communism. America had zero such system, and Kennedy wanted to require Americans more actively inside the cause of global democracy, peacefulness, development, and freedom. So JFK and his brother in law Sargent Shriver described an order to start the Peace Corps. Shriver was elected to leads the task force. Shriver recruited a great energized a talented group to apply the task makes recommendations. On his first trip abroad since director he received announcements from frontrunners in India, Ghana, and Burma to place Peace Corps volunteers in their countries.

To take part countries needed to meet specific criteria

  • A country must invite the peace corps
  • The peacefulness corps determine what countries they enter
  • Volunteers should be guaranteed protection

Bay of Pigs

In 1959 Cuban Director Fulgencio Batista collapsed when he was not able to survive the uprising of guerilla armies led with a charismatic young man named Fidel Castro. Castros overthrow of Batista appalled some Cubans especially people of the uppr classes who had gained a lot of riches under his reign. Castros relationship together with the U. H was always going to be considered a hard a single. Though Castros revolution had not been sponsored by the Soviet Union, the young revolutionarys left-leaning nationalism induced alarm in Washington. In 1960 Castro seized millions of acres of land owned by big American businesses and provided it back to Cuban cowboys, this resulted in the United States awe-inspiring economic calamité against Barrica. Castro was always eager to pick a battle with his neighbors up north. Castro retaliated by nationalizing Cubas olive oil refineries and other American-owned businesses.

For the next episode of arguments between Castro fantastic northern neighbors saw diplomatic relations deteriorating in 1961. This action led to Castro seeking an official alliance with America’s opponent, the Soviet Union. This alliance was frowned upon by the Americans since Kennedy shortly found out the soviet union was building missile succursale in Barrica to hit America.

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