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Internship Report on Zong Pakistan Essay

Groups individuals according to the occasions when they purchase, use or think of getting a product. installment payments on your Benefits Wanted: Groups individuals according to the rewards they seek from the item. 3. Utilization Rate: Organizations individuals based on the level of consumption they make in the product, whether it is Heavy, Method or Light usage. some.

User Position: Groups people according to whether they are non-users, potential users, first-time users, regular users, or ex-users of a merchandise Loyalty Status: Groups individuals according with their level of dedication to the merchandise. Hard main loyals’ always purchase the merchandise / brand in question. While Soft core loyals’ will sometimes obtain another brand, and Switchers’ will not specifically seek out a particular brand, but rather choose the brand available to them at time of need, or that which was on sale. 6th. Buyer Openness Stage: Organizations individuals relating to their readiness to purchase the item.

This segmentation model is specially useful in creating and monitoring the marketing communication approaches employed to maneuver consumers towards purchase of a product or service or manufacturer. Role of Segmentation: Segmentation is the first step towards customer understanding, that allows organisations to build healthy interactions with their consumers. Money is made by keeping consumers, and the entire idea of segmenting customers in order to build buyer relationships is to turn it in a mutually satisfying relationship, says Ovum analyst (David Bradshaw, 2000).

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