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If perhaps women reigned over the world essay

I was fascinated after prepared your essay ‘What if perhaps women ruled the world’ and after browsing it, I myself as being a women, I recently found I have several opinions of my own; I would like to share associated with you. Intended for hundreds of years females have been classed as ‘weaker’ then males and ‘second class’ when compared with men.

We get most of these is convinced because of precisely what is often set by the bible: 1 Timothy 2: doze “I will not permit ladies to teach in order to have power over a gentleman; she need to remain silent this has, in my opinion, helped molded the fact that individuals see ladies as quite a bit less strong, or perhaps be unable to rule.

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I personally disagree with what the bible says and I i am a bit of a feminist, although it increased for model, God likewise states that people are created in image of him, so many people are equality important.

In my opinion, I think that there would be some change to the world if it was ruled by ladies, but not a humungous big difference, I think all of us make this kind of a big deal out of the fact that women are second class to men, that we get this is unusual idea that in the event that that women ruled world, it might be completely different, the moment realistically speaking, It wouldn’t be therefore different¦ would it? Many people say that in the event that women reigned over the world, there would be less conflict and more peacefulness.

It is true that women dislike conflict much more than men, yet that is stereotype, a lot of women get pleasure from conflict and victory and being a lot better than others to enable them to feel smug. They say this even if that they don’t know what its want to be a innovator, which they avoid, I for just one am not really a leader of any huge government or perhaps country in order to only rarely imagine the pressure someone is usually put underneath when they have to decide whether to go to battle or not really, I do not really think it matters what gender you are, you want to do what is best for your nation and your people, it is the intuition for success and the survival of our kids.

They are below your care and also you must make sure they are safe, if they are in danger of being bombarded, you want them to be safe and protect your country-sometimes conflict is the simply option, do you honestly think Winston Churchill was willing to go to war with Australia in 1939 and risk the lives of people? Occasionally you cannot carry out what you want, but you may be wondering what you must.

In the letter you state that women often experience life ‘differently’ to guys, this I do agree on, though men and women are very similar, it is a fact that individuals think using different parts of each of our brains. I think that the financially would be different, and perhaps we might be in these kinds of a bad economic state. Girls do think in different ways to males in the way that we analyse things more thoroughly and think about different ways to get a solution.

On the other hand, back on to my matter of battle some girls do not just like the thought of battle, as they mainly care about their loved ones and the groups of people that they care about, and do suffer the most in wars-as you said. if we worked with guys, we could make them build bridges between countries and keep tranquility and ensure, because you said “broader range of problems, from food security to sexual violence, are addressed Maybe we all wouldn’t end up being so major in going to war, as I stated just before, we would most likely think that through and decide if it was worthwhile.

Furthermore, whenever you said inside your essay, ladies are more crew oriented, therefore women may try and communicate and help to make alliances with other countries and maintain peace. Within your essay additionally you say that, once women have an overabundance money they will spend that on essential things like education and overall health. I think, in the event women ruled the world there would be less poverty as we would try and put money into things that truly subject in LEDC’s like Africa.

If women ruled the earth, if that they there were less wars as a result of what I previously stated, we didn’t have to use much funds of guns for war, we could work with that kept money to pay it in better schools and medical care, so , whenever you said “the entire community prospers”. In summary, I truthfully do not know what the world would be like if that were dominated by females, for it under no circumstances has been and probably will not really be for a time, all we could do is purely think because of our believes and our own views. I do, nevertheless , think there is a difference, although not a massive one.


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